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Become a Kaiju!
Kaiju Paradise is a Prototype of the upcoming game by TZB Studio, The Final Experiment.
Join our communications server for sneak peeks and updates!
Not all changes are final.

Do not upload any of the official soundtracks without permission.

🔨 Current Developers on board:
- BlaxorReborn: Lead Dev, Builder, Scripter, UI, Animations, Art
- Flip2050_1: Builder
- xotiIe: Builder
- Fishcracks13: Music Composer
- YukaChaan: Concept artist, Art
- Ron1n_Sim: 3D Mesh Modeler, Art

- Mysticalesta: New game thumbnail
- evngelical: G Dance emote
- HZDRT: certain emotes and animations

Update History:

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