1 Play in Assisted Mode (Easy)

As a beginner, don’t try to play the hard simulation mode. If you play hard simultaneously mode, you will get no guidance on the take-off or landing part and might lose points, but in the easy method, you will get all the assistance needed to do a safe landing. In the first 4-to five tries, I kept failing even the easier ones, and when I learned the controls, I still couldn’t land smoothly. So make sure to keep playing easier ones until and unless you can make smooth landings.

2 Get as Many Licenses as Possible

Yes, you can buy your planes and get their licenses; you can also make a good round figure income through these planes. There are many types of permits, beginner/advanced. If you have learned the beginner one, only go for the advanced license exam. There will be more controls in the advanced license exam, which means you will have greater chances of getting confused and failing the test. But if you keep trying and learn the controls, you will have no problem at all. Keep your eyes on the controls like radar (purple checkpoint), throttle, VLO, etc. As mentioned, keep the speed, elevation, etc., and see if all numbers are green; otherwise, you will end up in a crash landing.

3 Collect Rewards and Watch Ads in Airline Commander

You must activate flights to earn money. The more planes you have, the more trips you can start, the activation doesn’t need you to pilot the aircraft, but if you select landing, you will have to do the landing yourself. You can skip some licenses or get them by money or by watching ads.

Airline Commander Tips and Tricks

4 Other Miscellaneous Tips in Airline Commander

  • Collect rewards from achievements
  • Complete daily challenges
  • Compete with other pilots to become the best pilot
  • Explore the world
  • Collect exp points
  • Clear the advanced level exams
  • Invest your money in buying planes and licenses

The flight commander game is available on Google Play and App Store. If you love flight simulation games, then don’t forget to check out Warplanes 1944 WW2 War Flight. Let me know if you have any more tips to share with me to help the gamers pass the license exams with ease.

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