Akindo: I can never get enough of RPG games. Akindo is another real-time battle RPG game that solely focuses on reconstruction and development through combats and clearing levels. The comical and pixelated graphics are something that attracted me to the game in the first place. Gather materials to develop Your island into a beautiful one. In this game, you’re a merchant; you don’t attack the bad guys but let escort players fight them for you. Your job is to explore and invest in developing the island.

Tip 1 Know the Controls

Even though you’re a merchant and cannot fight, you can use the coins you collected while exploring to shoot the enemies. But remember, if you use the coins to shoot the enemies, the gold coins will be lost. You can move by dragging your fingers around the screen, the main character will move, and other escort characters will follow to protect him. You can use the character’s special skills by tapping on the guard once the gauge gets filled and the card glows. And that’s all you need to know about controls easy, right?

Tip 2 Complete Quests in Akindo

You can earn rewards by completing quests. New players can complete the beginner’s quests in achievements as achievements goal. Remember the daily and weekly quests will change daily. Through these quests, you get more coins and can level up quickly. The best thing is that the quests are not that difficult, and if you find difficult ones, you can wait till tomorrow to get those refreshed.

Tip 3 Upgrade the Guards in Akindo

You can upgrade or check the guards from the status screen. You can upgrade them or remove them from the party according to your needs. From the status screen, you can see many info like their attack power, talent, hp, etc. you can upgrade guards by using gold and equip them with materials if you collected any. The best thing is to recruit rare guards by simply watching ads daily. But I would suggest you stick to any 7-8 types only, which you can replace and play but don’t try to get more and more guards uselessly. Also, try to upgrade the characters with higher hp or attack power. Like, keep those always 3-4 levels higher than others because if you have a high attack, you can finish off enemies easily, and suppose you have medium attack power but high hp, then also it’s advantageous as you won’t die easily.

Tip 4 Keep Exploring and Developing

When you start playing the game initially, you will see there are two options- explore and build. The build will get unlocked after you start researching. You can research anything; once you unlock many research items, you can click on build and see what is available for you to build. The more your research, the higher the merchant level and more hp, meaning you can survive in battles more.

Akindo beginners guide

Some Other Miscellaneous Tips

  • Collect daily login rewards
  • Watch ads to get more coins
  • Watch ads to get rare guards
  • Invest in research and upgrade guards simultaneously
  • Open new worlds and keep exploring
  • Drag fingers to the chest to collect coins from the skies

Akindo is available on Google Play and App Store. Overall the game is enjoyable and relaxing; I think you should try it at least once; if you think you have more tips to share, comment below, and before leaving, check out the latest game: The Last Mage Standing.

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