1 Do not kill in the specimen

The specimen room is at the right bottom of the map with two doorways. The incoming of a crewmate can be from any side of the hallways. Moreover, there are no vents in the specimen. Thus the risk of getting caught is increased. So it is better not to kill in the specimen room.

2 Kill in Dropship instead

Dropship is the door of the ship that opens on the planet Polus. There is only one task there is a common task of inserting the key. So there are not always many players present. This is the opportunity to grab. Dropdown bodies without anyone noticing.

3 The use of sabotage can make your game

In Polus, sabotage is more or less the same as on any other map. The sabotage consists of the closing door, sabotaging the Seismic stabilizers, and switching off the light on the planet. The reactant can be the best sabotage among all of the other sabotage mentioned. As the Seismic stabilizers are placed on either side of the Doors. It sometimes gets impossible for a crewmate if the doors are closed the Seismic Stabilizers go to meltdown. Thus a guaranteed win for an imposter.

Sabotages tips of Polus in Among us

4 Be safe with cameras

The security cameras in Polus are quite different than any other map. As the cameras are quite seen on the map and the footage is shown in the security room. There is only one screen that can be changed by the players. It shows a huge portion of the particular are that an imposter is to be aware of. It is better to kill in dark and the places where there are no cameras.

5 Use vent wisely

The vents in Polus are like a hole in the floor. With a unique concept, the vent is placed quite afar from each other. This helps an imposter to move from one place to another quickly without getting in trouble. So it is better to use vents for transport and move away from a body rather than moving on a foot and getting suspected.

Among Us Polus guide

About Polus:

Polus is also known as Planet Polus or Polus Outpost. It is the second-largest map, the first being the Airship in Among Us. The Polus has the most task compared to any other map. It is a more modified area than any of the maps as there are tasks both indoors and outdoors.No matter whether you are a crewmate or an imposter, every task is difficult to do. With a vast area, the difficulty arises for an imposter to find a crewmate. And crewmates find it difficult to complete all the tasks as it is easy to get lost. 

In Polus, the scoop of winning an imposter is much higher than a crewmate. The imposter is given are a lot of sabotage skills up their sleeves. Then also there are a few mistakes made by an imposter. So here are some mistakes that are done by an imposter and how to overcome them.

Here are some common mistake made by an imposter in the Polus Map of Among Us. Hope, these tips and tricks help you to win the round if you are an imposter.

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