Krafton in partnership with Tencent can develop a more enhanced game known as PUBG: New State. It is a PUBG Mobile 2.0 with new maps representing the future in 2051. Every season the game brings new themes and gifts to keep the users engaged. This season PUBG: New State gets a month-long event. In this event, the game collabs with a popular game- Among Us.  

Krafton, the developer of PUBG: New State took to Twitter to announce the collaboration that is going to happen between the two games. 

All you need to know about the event:

The event will be added to PUBG: New State as an April Update. The event will start on April 21st and will continue till May 19th. The changes will be visible in the Trio map of the game. During the start of the match, a mini-game is added. The mini-game is Among Us inspired, where one player from the squad will be chosen as an imposter. The remaining three members of the squad will have to avoid being killed by the imposter. 

A special mission will also be added to the game, that will help in achieving tile, icon, and frame. The in-game store will also get customize events created at a premium price that contains Among us theme costumes, masks, and so on. Moreover, certain locations such as Starting Island, Anchorville, and Chester will have decorations, and props of Among Us.

Among Us:

Among Us coming in pubg new state

Among Us is a strategized and sensational game. The game is loved by the players who love a team game and is fond of a thriller. The game consists of 10 or 15 players who get on a spaceship to go and work at a particular location. Out of 10 or 15 players, 2 or 3 players becomes imposter and other players are called crewmates. Crewmates’ job is to complete all the tasks assigned to them whereas an imposter’s job is to kill every crewmate present on the ship without being caught. Therefore, an imposter can be anyone among all the players who may not differ by looks but has a very different mindset. Whether you are a crewmate or an imposter, both roles have their own significance. 

With that PUBG: New State, will have more content added to it. In every update, there are some changes that are made to the game be it a new weapon, car, or dress. But this time, Krafton has given a sneak peek of the new thing that is being added to the game. We can see it is a new weapon that is being added to the game. If you know the name of the gun, comment down below and let us know about it.  

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