1 Watch Vitals frequently

In Polus, the vital machine is in Office. The office area consists of two-room, one having the emergency button and the other having a card swiping machine and a vital machine. Checking the vitals frequently gives you the idea of an unreported body. For example, an imposter has killed one of the crewmates. The vital will show that the person is dead with a red line while the other player will have a green line.

2 Spy on Security Camera

The camera in Polus can be your savior. Unlike other maps present in Among Us, Polus’s camera covers a vast area, thus giving you a wide area to look after. However, the screen needs to be changed to see other locations, which is a disadvantage. But the thing is the security camera can capture a lot and can tell you information that others fail to notice.

3 Do common task

A common task is a key to figuring out who is an imposter. As we all know an imposter is not given any task to perform. Therefore, he will not have a common task which makes it easier to catch the imposter. So it is better to keep an eye on who does the common task and who doesn’t. 

Polus in Among Us

4 Always find an alibi

Among us, finding a partner who pitches for you is important. As a crewmate, you have to focus on doing tasks as well as finding an alibi who keeps you clean. There may come a situation in which someone suspects you of something that you do not do. Here the role of an alibi is important who will support you and not let you get kicked out of the game.

5 Keep the lights on

Darkness is the friend of evil, so it’s better to keep the light on. If an imposter sabotages electricity and turns the light off, every place loses its light. Thus giving an upper hand to the imposters. It is better to turn on the light as soon as possible before someone is killed. And remember to keep an eye on people present around. As it may happen the imposter is doing its job while you were busy fixing the lights.

Among Us beginners guide

The game has been quite tricky for a crewmate. So I hope the tips and tricks stated above will help you catch your imposter fast and help you win the game. If you want to download the game, you can do it via Google Play or App Store

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