Angelica Origins Walkthrough

Are you looking for Angelica Origins Walkthrough? Well, your wait is over. In this article we are going to give you Angelica Origins Walkthrough. This game guide will help you progress in the game. Also using this game guide you can unravel all the events and scenes.

Angelica Origins Walkthrough – Day 1

  1. Help the old woman: Don’t (+1 Bad girl point.)
  2. Thank you so much, girls (+1 Good girl point)
  3. Try to give an answer! (+1 Good girl point)
  4. I accept the bet! (+1 Bad girl point.)
  5. Yes, I want to know… (+1 Good girl point)
  6. Thanks! Nicola.
  7. Admit it (+2 Bad girl point.)
  8. Reassure him (+1 Good girl point)
  9. Be a good girlfriend (+2 Good girl point)
  10. Show him more (+1 Good girl point)
  11. Cooking pasta: In boiling water! > In boiling water! > Stop the game here! > Ok, last one for my Simone (+1 Good girl point) > Empty the entire pot of pasta into a strainer
  12. Tell her the truth (+1 Bad girl point.)
  13. I want to please him
  14. Main quest updated! (+ L point)

Angelica Origins Walkthrough – Day 2

  1. Show me the forbidden dream!
  2. I really need to do it (+ L point)
  3. Think about Nicola (+1 Bad girl point.)
  4. Let him do it a little more (+1 Bad girl point.)
  5. They are secretly having S while they are dressed (+1 Bad girl point.)
  6. Help him
  7. Tell him the truth (+1 Good girl point)
  8. Mini game: Hide Angelica in the chest on your left side > right chest > right closet > The key is in the barrel close to janitor’s bed
  9. Let him calm down…
  10. I want to see more
  11. Sorry Simone, but I need to touch (+ L point)
  12. It’s ok. Just thank him…(+1 Bad girl point.)
  13. Not so fast! I want to play a little first (+1 Bad girl point.)
  14. Main quest updated! (+ L point)

Angelica Origins Walkthrough – Day 3

  1. I Like it so much! (+1 Bad girl point.)
  2. Secret scene: When Angelica is wearing the bathrobe don’t go straight to the bathroom, instead go to check the main door of the house > When she’s in the bathroom she has to choice Leave the door open.
  3. Ask her to help you (+ L point)
  4. Play with your b
  5. Play with your p (+ L point)
  6. Yes
  7. Help her (+1 Good girl point)
  8. What’s happening to my body?
  9. I need to solve it by myself (+ L point)
  10. I don’t want to answer! (+2 Bad girl point.)
  11. Answer him softly (+1 Good girl point)
  12. Flirt with him (+1 Bad girl point.)
  13. Send him a funny selfie
  14. Pizzas:
    • 1st: Margherita
    • 2nd: Capricciosa & Boscaiola
    • 3rd: Be gentle (+1 Good girl point), x1 Capricciosa & x2 Margherita
  15. Try not to move (+1 Bad girl point.)
  16. I want to watch them (+1 Bad girl point.)
  17. Secret scene: Open the grate in the Dream room and go down the stairs > Follow the red magic circles > follow the red magic circles again > Interact with the red magic circles (+ L point)

Angelica Origins Walkthrough – Day 4 & 5

  1. I remember how good you are with your hands (+2 Bad girl point.)
  2. I love it! (+ L point)
  3. Seduce him! (+1 Bad girl point.)

Day 6 Walkthrough

  1. Tell him about Simone (+1 Good girl point.)
  2. Sign Ping’s petition (+1 Good girl point.)
  3. Give her 1 euro (+1 Good girl points.)
  4. Takes off the shirt (+1 Bad girl point.)
  5. Ask Simone to help you
  6. Kiss him on his cheek
  7. Knocks on the door > DESTROY THE F*****G DOOR!
  8. Be nice to him (+1 Good girl point.)
  9. MAKE HIM STOP TALKING! (+1 Bad girl point.)
  10. YES!!! (+ L point)
  11. Kiss him (+2 Bad girl point.)
  12. Learn from your mother (+1 Bad girl point.)
  13. Help Mom! (+1 Bad girl point, also + L point)
  14. Simone (+1 Good girl point.)
  15. Let her kiss you (+2 Bad girl point.)

Day 7 Walkthrough

  1. What’s Simone hiding from me? (+2 Good girl points.)
  2. No, Ping… please stay
  3. Yes (+1 Good girl point.)
  4. Just wait her (+1 Good girl point.)
  5. Do it.(+1 bad girl point.)
  6. I want to see more (+ L point)
  7. Help Ping (+2 Good girl points.)
  8. Kiss him (+1 Bad girl point.)
  9. Try to give him more… (+2 Bad girl point.
  10. Do it
  11. I love you too (+ Nicola Love point)
  12. Cook something for Nicola (+ Nicola Love point)


Well, now that you have the Angelica Origins Walkthrough, use it to complete the game. We will keep updating this walkthrough guide as the game progresses. If you need walkthrough and guide for any other game, let me know in the comment section.

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