Ant Legion: When I was a kid, I always wondered where the ants came from? They’re always working together and foraging food, but how did they survive for so long? My curiosity came to an end when I started playing Ant Legions. I could think like the tiny ants and started understanding their world. It’s not just educational but also comes with many features to keep you entertained all the time. Nature photographers have shared high-quality graphics, giving such a realistic vibe. You get to build your empire from scratch and establish colonies. If you thought that’s just it, then my friend, you are very wrong because you also need to foster the most robust ants in your legion to crush the predators; you need to collect food resources and keep your queen alive. You can also join an alliance for faster growth.

Tip 1 Complete the Main Quests in Ant Legion

Ant Legion was built for newbies so that they don’t get stuck at any level until and unless he has fully grasped the gaming mechanics. So if you get confused at the beginning, then I’ll recommend you keep clearing the main quests. These tasks that you complete and level up your queen ant are also chapter quests that will help you track your progression. These are not daily tasks, but it enables you to build stronger anthills. You get paid with rewards for completing them, but the plus point is that you also get to level up your base through this.

Tip 2 Upgrading Priorities in Ant Legion

You might think I’m crazy saying that you must constantly upgrade nurseries before upgrading anything else. But the thing is that you won’t get troops at faster rates without greenhouses. The more, the merrier. Now let me share the priority table with you:

  1. Nurseries
  2. Soldier habitats
  3. Specialized Ants
  4. Food Depot
  5. Fortification
  6. Entrance
  7. Leaf Pile
  8. Vault
  9. Mover’s Habitat
  10. Research Lab
  11. Ant Evolution

Tip 3 Train Your Ants Wisely

Mover Ants are different types of soldier ants, meaning they are not useless, but their job is foraging and battling the enemies. If you just put ants on training without much knowledge, then it’s a waste of time and effort because every ant has something unique to offer, and they play different roles in different places. It’s better to train the most powerful troops rather than teach the weaker ones as the battle power matters more than numbers.

Tip 4 Other Miscellaneous Tips

  • Use speedups until you have your newbie shield over your anthill; this would be beneficial for you in the long term
  • Join alliances, help them and get help in return. Through this, you also get huge rewards
  • Play pheromones missions and keep upgrading them
  • Play arena battles at least 6-to seven a day if you want to keep progressing daily
  • Make sure to go hunting, forage, or collect resources at least 3-to four times a day
  • Keep relocating your anthill every 2-3 weeks if you get attacked in a row
  • Exchange items with Lady Bug
  • Hatch eggs daily for rewards
  • Keep Upgrading specialized ants
Ant Legion Tips

Ant Legion is available on Google Play and App Store. From my end, I have tried to cover all points for you all, and these tips are sure to help you level up quickly. If you follow these tips well, you might be able to reach higher levels within a few days. If you have any more suggestions, feel free to comment below; before leaving, check out another similar game that might interest you- City Island 5.

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