1 Know Your Troops and Heroes

At the beginning of Art of War: Legions till levels 60-75, you won’t have to dig much about heroes and troops as troops begin to unlock after you cross levels like 40-50, etc. There are many kinds of soldiers, and the troops are again divided into two types of classes defensive troops and offensive. Apart from this division, there’s another division of rarity. Regular troops are okay, but if you have epic-level troops, you have better chances of winning.

You can check troops or heroes’ info by clicking the I button present near the cards. If you know about the soldiers, you will be able to pick better troops when you get a lucky chance while picking cards. Also, make sure to pick purple ones as they are rare continuously. The last thing you should know is whether the troop you have falls into categories like long-range/short-range/magical/defensive/offensive.

2 Learn to Arrange troops in Art of War: Legions

Heroes can be placed at limited points, but that’s not the same for troops, so you must put the troops tactfully to get the best out of them. The short-ranged troops like brawlers, blockers, etc., must be placed at the front while the long-ranged should be placed at the back. Before you begin the war, check your attack power and troop numbers. It would be best if you tried to keep troops in the following formation:

  • Blockers
  • Offensive troops like infantry, inquisitors, bandits, etc
  • Bombers or long-ranged troops like archers
  • Magicians/Priests/Demons etc
  • Make sure to keep heroes nearest to troops

3 Collect Coins

Like any other game, you will also need coins to level up and unlock new stronger heroes/troops. Though the upgrade is free for troops, you can combine both to upgrade, but for upgrading heroes, you will need coins. You cannot unlock specific soldiers of your choice by using cash; you will get random troops, and you will have to put them to use. Unlock chests by completing missions; through these chests also, you will get a good amount of coins. You can also play arena, ranked modes which would give you better rewards. Watch ads for 2x rewards.

Art of War Legions Tips and Tricks

The game is available on Google Play and App Store. If you face game problems, they also have a team to resolve such issues; you can connect to them through Discord. I tried to cover everything in these three tips, but don’t forget to comment on those tips below if you think I missed something. You can also check a similar game like Blade Idle.

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