Ash’s Shardbound Tier List

Ash’s Shardbound Tier List gives you the best of in game characters ranked from best to worst. Our Ash’s Shardbound Tier List has the list of latest characters from the game so that you choose the best ones.

Ash’s Shardbound Tier List (Characters)

Below is the list of all the characters in the game ranked from best to worst.

Creation SpecialistSExsanguinateS
ScrapSPlague SporeS
Raptor Class MechSSoul BountyS
Hound Class MechSFlesh OfferingS
Efficiency ExpertSGrave LotusS
Gravwell ExosuitSCorpse ExplosionA+
Personal Portal DeviceSPrestari CultistA+
Outlaw Class MechSGrim InspirationA+
Strike PackA+Dark TravelerA+
Zieger-1A+Narciso, Sarcone AssassinA+
Upgrade DepotA+Night HorrorA+
OverdriveA+Devious SocialiteA+
Repair ForemanA+Flesh PileA+
Armory GunnerACorpse WagonA+
Reloading ExosuitADark PractionerA+
Storm Class MechACannibalA
Summon NanobotsAPerfected SpecimenA
Defense MatrixABloodguardA
Targeting FrameABone EaterA-
Insured MechA-SoultakerA-
Salvage PartsA-Swarm SporeA-
Plating SpecialistA-ProgenitorA-
Blockade ForgerA-  
Medframe TechA-  
AscensionS+Roar: StrengthS+
ReckoningSRites ReaderS+
Skyborne CrusaderSTo Me!S
Bless The MeekSGhost PrimalS
Radiant LanceSWinged PrimalS
EvangelistA+Feral RushA+
High Luminator CerysA+Wolf PrimalA+
Holy ArmoryA+Strict PackmasterA+
HarbingerA+Moya PrimalA+
Lightspear JusticarA+Swift StrikeA+
Path’s FavorA+Tribe WarriorA+
ZealotAPack MentalityA+
Become DustAIdol Of KinshipA+
Summon BladesAGrowler PrimalA+
Chaotic SurgeAIdol Of EternityA+
Ardent InquisitorAAlpha PackmasterA
AbsolverAPack LordA
Shining DiscipleARoar: EarburstA
Echo of LightAVisefang PrimalA
Radiant ScionAAncient CallerA
Force BlastAMenagerieA
Luminator InitiateAEagle PrimalA-
Burn The WingsA-  
Tempest HoundS+Baffling PresenceS
Tiny Island FenyaS+DistorterS
Lokri NightshadeS+Astral ChampionS
CultivatorSStellar ReplicasS
Vein WakerSAlternate RealityA+
CanalSAccelerator PyionA+
Strip MineSTemporal DrifterA+
Disciple of AlmastA+RebounderA+
The LifesparkA+Fork ExistenceA+
Voice of the SquallA+Warp SpecialistA+
Lifespring SeedlingA+Slow ReflexesA+
Rock CrusherA+Spark of GeniusA+
GroveguardAMind MelterA+
Zephyr MonkAPrism DancerA+
SeedsingerABrave ScryerA
Stonecall SeedlingAWarpgateA
Tunnel HellionAGravity SurgeA
Rampaging BoulderANot Your TimeA
Release The Crags!ARift TricksterA
Kovashi HighguardAFate LinkerA
Snapdragon CadetA-Quantum TurnkeyA-
  Temporal TechnicianA-


I hope that our Ash’s Shardbound Tier List will help you to pick the strongest and most powerful characters in the game. Let us know in comment section if you need tier list for any other game.

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