ATOM RPG Crafting Recipes

Our ATOM RPG Crafting Recipes gives you the perfect list of ingredients to make the ultimate recipe. Just use the ATOM RPG Crafting Recipes to create the best recipe.

ATOM RPG Crafting Recipes

Below is the best recipe guide for you to use in the game.

ATOM RPG Crafting Recipes – Weapons

Weapons Crafting Recipes – Melee

  • Broken Bottle (Lvl 1): Brick also Empty Bottle
  • Claw Knuckleduster (Lvl 30): 2 Quality Knuckleduster, Scrap Metal and also 2 Nails
  • Knife Knuckleduster (Lvl 40): Claw Knuckleduster, Scrap Metal and also Sharpened knife (or knife or Rusty knife)
  • Quality Knuckleduster (Lvl 20): Svinchatka, Brick and also Scrap Metal
  • Sharpened knife (Lvl 3): Sharpening stone and also Knife
  • Shiv (Lvl 1): Sharpening stone (or Brick), Electrical Tape and also Spoon (or Fork)
  • Shovel (Lvl 10): Broken shovel handle, Nails and also Scrap Metal
  • Spiked Club (Lvl 5): Club and also Nails
  • Spiked Glove (Lvl 10): 2 Weighted Glove, Wires (or Rope), 2 Nails and also 2 Rabbit Skin
  • Stone Knife (Lvl 10): Stone Tool, Electrical Tape and also Sharpening Stone
  • Svinchatka (Lvl 10): Scrap metal and also Sharpening stone (or Brick)
  • Weighted Glove (Lvl 10): 2 Bandana, Rope and also Svinchatka
  • Weighted Glove (Lvl 10): 2 Spiked Glove, Scrap Metal, Toolbox and also 2 Rabbit Skin

Weapons Crafting Recipes – Pistols

  • A quality Zip Gun (Lvl 40): Zip Gun, 2 Scrap Metal, Toolbox, and also Wires
  • Custom Air Pistol (Lvl 30): Zip Gun, Scrap Metal, Fire Extinguisher, And also 2 Empty Bottle
  • Custom Revolver (Lvl 20): Zip Gun, Scrap Metal, 2x Nails and also Electrical Tape
  • Custom Sawed Off Shotgun (Lvl 30): Zip Gun, 2x Scrap Metal, Wires (or Rope) and also Empty Tin
  • Percussion Revolver (Lvl 30): Custom Revolver, Scrap Metal, 2x Empty Tin and also Electrical Tape (or Wires)
  • Percussion Revolver+ (Lvl 45): Percurssion Revolver, Scrap Metal, 2x Electrical Tape, Toolbox, and also Electrical Tape (or Wires)
  • Three Barrel Handgun (Lvl 45): Custom Sawed off shotgun, Toolbox, 2 Scrap Metal and also wires
  • Zip Gun (Lvl 10): Scrap Metal, a Log and also Wires (or Rope)

Weapons Crafting Recipes – Rifles

  • Custom Double Barrel (Lvl 30): Pipe Rifle, Scrap Metal, Wires and also Empty Tin
  • Custom Rifle (Lvl 35): Pipe Rifle, Scrap Metal, 3 Magnifying glass and also 2 Empty Tin
  • Four Barrel Gun (Lvl 50): Tri Barrel Gun, Scrap metal, 2 Wires (or 2 Rope) and also Toolbox
  • Magazine Rifle (Lvl 50): Custom Rifle, 2 Scrap Metal, 2 Wires and also Piece of a tire
  • Pipe Rifle (Lvl 10): Scrap Metal, a Log (or a club) and also Electrical Tape
  • Sniper Rifle (Lvl 50): Magazine Rifle, Scrap Metal, 2 Electrical Tape and also toolbox
  • Tri Barrel Gun (Lvl 40): Custom Double Barrel, 2 Scrap metal, a Log and also 2 Empty Bottle

Weapons Crafting Recipes – Crossbows

  • Custom Made Crossbow (Lvl 10): A log, Rope and also Babushka Scarf
  • Heavy Crossbow (Lvl 40): 2 Metal Crossbow, Scrap Metal 3 Wires (or 3 Rope) and also Toolbox
  • Metal Crossbow (Lvl 30): Wooden Crossbow, 2 Scrap Metal, 3 Empty Tin and also 2 Rope
  • Wooden Crossbow (Lvl 20): Custom made Crossbow, Scrap metal, Rope and also Babushka Scarf

Weapons Crafting Recipes – Explosives

  • Custom Made Grenade (Lvl 10): Empty Tin, 2 Gunpowder and also 2 Wires
  • Explosive with a makeshift timer (Lvl 60): Dynamite stick, Wires, Alarm clock and also Lantern battery
  • F-1 Grenade (Lvl 55): F-1 Grenade (Training), Dynamite and also Scrap Metal
  • Homemade Grenade (Lvl 20): Ant Salivary gland, Diesel (or Gasoline) and also Soap
  • Molotov Cocktail (Lvl 20): Empty Bottle, Diesel (or gasoline) and also Camo Bandana (or also Khaku Scarf or Scarf with dots)

ATOM RPG Crafting Recipes – Ammo

  • Crossbow bolt (Lvl 5): Empty Tin, A log and also Empty bottle
  • Metal Bolt (Lvl 5): 2 Empty Tin, 2 Scrap Metal and also Wires
  • Pellets (Lvl 5): Scrap Metal, a Log and also Wastepaper
  • Zip Gun Round (Lvl 5): Scrap Metal, Gunpowder and also Wastepaper
  • Zip Gun Shot Round (Lvl 5): Nails, Gunpowder and also Wastepaper

ATOM RPG Crafting Recipes – Armor

  • Bag (Lvl 1): Babushka scarf, 2 Wires and also 2 Empty bottles
  • Cast Iron Shield (Lvl 30): 2 Log, 2 Scrap metal, Wires (or rope) and also 2 Piece of a tire
  • DIY Helmet (Lvl 10): 2 Scrap metal, Babushka scarf, 2 electrical tape and also nails
  • DIY Respirator (Lvl 5): 2 Empty Bottle, Wires, Babushka scafrf and also 2 Electrical tape
  • Leather breastplate (Lvl 30): 2 Rabbit Skin, 2 Babushka Scarf, 2 Wires (or 2 Rope) and also Toolbox
  • Shield of Count Roevsky (Lvl 1): Shield piece and also Super Glue
  • Steel breastplate (Lvl 50): 3 Scrap metal, 2 Rabbit skin, 2 Wires (or rope) and also toolbox
  • Thorny Armor (Lvl 20): Scrap metal, Rabbit Skin, Wires (or Rope) and also 2 Nails
  • Tire Armor (Lvl 10): 2 Piece of a Tire, Camo Bandana (or Khaki Scarf or Scarf with dots), wires and also Scrap Metal
  • Wild Shield (Lvl 10): 2 Log and also Nails

ATOM RPG Crafting Recipes – Consumable

  • Cigarette Ciggy (Lvl 2): Tobacco and also Wastepaper (or Toilet paper)
  • Corned Meat (Lvl 2): Meat and also Salt
  • Healing Powder (Lvl 15): Herb Collection, Bandana (or Khaki scarf or Scarf with dots) and also Rotten Toadstool
  • Joint (Lvl 5): Devil’s Weed and also Wastepaper (or Toilet paper)
  • Potion of animal Interaction (Lvl 5): Old boot, Cucumber brine, Moonshine and also Toadstool
  • Rotten Toadstool (Lvl 1): Toadstool, 2 magnifying glass and also Wastepaper
  • Salted Fish (Lvl 2): Horned smelt (or Humpback or Three eyed trout) and also Salt
  • Wolf Antidote (Lvl 20): Milk, Onion and also Rotten Toadstool

ATOM RPG Crafting Recipes – Fishing Rod

  • Fishing Rod (Lvl 50): Rope, Electrical Tape, Nails and also 2 Empty Bottle


I hope that our ATOM RPG Crafting Recipes will help you to create the perfect recipe. Let us know in comment section if you need recipe guide for any other game.

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