Attack on Time: Kaisen of girls has recently been soft-launched in the US and Canada. It is an RPG developed by an original Japanese company. Players in the US and Canada can now play the game way before its official full launch. This gives them an advantage over other gamers worldwide as they have early access to its gaming experience.

What Attack on Time: Kaisen of girls is about

The concept behind this game is to provide the users or players with an immersive gaming experience of interacting with beautiful anime girls. It also allows them to have adventures with them.

Falling under the genre of being an adventure game, the game allows the players to dress the in-game characters in their desired outfits. There are a bunch of outfit categories available – ranging from office wear to beachwear. The players can express their passion towards them by going on dates with them, giving them meaningful gifts, and more of these activities.

There are a variety of different in-game female characters available. Each one of them has a different personality. With over 100 of them available, the players can have an immersive experience of finding true love and fighting their inner demons. Their swords can be used on battlefields. There are interesting and enjoyable battles, with difficult stages to cross in the process. For every 30 minutes the player spends online, they get to earn rich resources and rare items.

So, how do you find this game to be? Are you excited to play it or do you need to experience more of its gameplay beforehand? Either way, don’t fret and download this game now. It is now available for all Android users in the US and Canada. You can download it from the BlueStacks app if you want to experience it on a PC. However, we’d recommend you to get the whole mobile gaming experience first. Nonetheless, it is soon going to be available worldwide. Until then, stay tuned with us, and don’t forget to share your views on this in the comments section below!

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