Are you a fan of Beyblades? I’ve got some good news; Beast Arena has similar mechanics to Beyblade’s; you get to hit others and throw them off until their hp hits zero. You get to build your unique deck and defeat opponents in real-time PVP battles. It’s not just a simple thumb smashing game, but you need a strategy to defeat your opponent. The game is easy to play and based on fundamental collision physics mechanics. You can level up and join the different areas and clans. I’m sure you’re bored with all the introductions now, so let’s jump to the tips and tricks part of the article.

Tip 1: Learn the Hero’s ability

See, you need to learn or go through the hero’s abilities, so you can make a powerful deck and defeat the opponent. You can view any hero card and see their health, attack stats, special skills, etc. You can also watch a preview of the heroes’ abilities by tapping the video icon. I would highly recommend you review each unlocked hero before using them in battles. This will also improve your decision-making, and you will also have an idea of the enemy deck’s pros and cons. Before using a hero, check if their abilities are unlocked or if they need to be unlocked later on.

Tip 2: Card Order Matters in Beast Arena

Do not even by mistake, overlook the ordering tip because this will help you level up in the long run and win the battles. If you have the correct order of cards, you will also have a higher chance of winning. For example, you don’t need a healer to go at the beginning of the match because it’s useless to use them unless one of your cards has got enough damage. I would recommend you to keep enchanters or low hp heroes in the beginning; this way, your team will get the advantages of buffs.

Tip 3: Create Multiple Card Decks

I know you might feel too lazy to create multiple decks but trust me, this is an important tip that you must follow. It’s better to be flexible rather than depending on one deck only. You can swap these on the pre-match screen. By this, you can interchange healers or enchanters, etc. This gameplay reminds me of another exciting game: Titan Hunters.

Tip 4: Keep Playing Beast Arena

Try to optimize gameplay by investing your time in matches. You don’t necessarily need to keep playing the battles; you can always go into practice mode to experiment with different kinds of card decks. Practice different angles and combos to get used to the gaming mechanics. Test additional synergies and try checking out new moves. You’re going to lose battles, but that’s okay try to learn from them and keep playing.

Beast Arena beginners guide

That’s all the tips and tricks I think you will need to become a pro and clear the arena levels. Beast Arena is available on Google Play and App Store. I shared tips that I thought would benefit you; now, don’t forget to share some of your exclusive tips through the comment section below.

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