Berserker Online: I can never get enough of these idle RPG games. Why? Because I don’t need to do anything much except leveling up and using items at the right time. Berserker online, no doubt, is an excellent game because here, you get to explore dungeons, collect powerful equipment, battle against savage beasts, and unlock new powers. The wars are non-stop, and you will also find bosses in dungeons. If you’re feeling bored, you can always chat with other players. Make friends globally and level up together.

Now without any further adieu, let’s get started with the tips and tricks of the game.

Tip 1 Know the Basics

This game is simple, but you must know everything to level up quickly and clear the levels. Under the stat section, you will see four areas: Statistics, Skill, Pet, and Character. Under statistics, you will see many character stats that you can upgrade by spending coins; you should put them into 20x and upgrade stats.

Now the priority of upgrade should be like this:

  1. Physical dmg
  2. Max HP
  3. Hit Rate
  4. Magic dmg
  5. Evasion Rate
  6. Physical def
  7. Magical def

Under skill sections, you can learn other skills, but to unlock other dungeons, I would suggest you save blue stones for berserker LVL 2. Under the Character section, you get two playable characters while 3rd one is unlockable with gems. In this, I would suggest you stick to one character and do the following. Instead of clicking on 100 gems for the character’s buff, click on auto and check the S mark, then tap to stop the automatic search. Do this until you get at least an A or B rank. Please do the same for equipping effect and keep doing it until you get at least S grade. Buy Drake pet from the pet section; it’s better than the other one, and yes, the other pet can only be unlocked by purchasing through the in-app store.

Tip 2 Earn Rewards in Berserker Online

In the beginning, you will get like 50 missions to clear; on clearing a single task; you will get rewarded with gems. The best thing is that these missions are easy and made for beginners to learn the game. Complete daily quests to get gems from them as well. By defeating monsters, you earn coins and blue gems essential for leveling up.

Tip 3 Buy Items in Berserker Online

Simply leveling up will be useless if you don’t know what to do with the shop present in the game. From the shop, you can buy equipment, weapons, and relics. Try to buy more relics if possible because it enhances your overall power. Also, try to buy 10-30x weapons or accessories at once; this way, you have more chances of getting epic items. You can, later on, enhance them or use them to learn skills. While learning skills, try first to use the normal or weaker weapons.

Berserker Online beginners guide

Tip 4 Explore Dungeons and Other Modes.

After you reach berserker LVL 2, you will unlock two modes, limitless and arena. I suggest you play endless and defeat the boss to get more rewards and exp. Besides these, try to clear dungeons that are within your limit. Don’t go for dungeons with red digits, which means you need to level up yourself more by improving stats, weapons, and skills.

Bonus Tip:

  • Stay at lower levels.
  • Try to level up as much as possible.
  • Enter the promotion rounds after you have leveled up more than the available dungeons.
Berserker Online pro tips

Berserker Online is available on Google Play and App Store Well, that’s all the tips and tricks I think you’ll need to ace the game. Overall the game is pretty straightforward, but you might get stuck at some level, so you will have to collect gems n coins to upgrade yourself. Do share some more tips with me through the comments section below if I missed any. If you like idle RPG games, then I’m sure you will also love Blade Idle.

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