Battlegrounds Mobile India never fails to amuse us with new updates every new season or when they collaborate. With the launch of the 1.9 updates, BGMI has released an update where there is a special island and also you get a chance to win Lamborghini (their new collaboration with Lamborghini) from the Lamborghini crate they provide.

Krafton this time has come up with a unique color theme, full of the hidden police station for which you need a special access card and which is full of loot. Thus making it a perfect update for the players who love to push their rank. This article will provide you with some of the tips and tricks which may help you ace the game as well as help us to gain a few extra points.

1 Try not to waste time on Nimbus island

After the 1.9 updates, no defeat gets recorded. Only the plus point to land on nimbus will be the loot which you acquire only if you and your squad are the ones surviving on it, if not you are provided with only scar-l with thirty 5.56mm ammoniation. In addition to that sometimes all the remaining players are sometimes discarded in the same area thus, resulting in a ruthless battle with very less loot which may result in early defeat. So, it is better to avoid landing on nimbus island and save that time by looting and acquiring sufficient loot, which you can use wisely against the enemies.

2 Nimbus island can be a doom

As stated earlier, if you are not the last member on the island you do not get any loot but a scar-l with few ammoniations. Furthermore, sometimes by some default, the land you and a few in the same place when nimbus island is dismissed. A remedy to the problem will be to land on a safer spot and be flight-ready whenever an enemy is spawned in front of or near you thus giving you an extra few points as well as increasing your defeat ratio.

3 The vibrant plaza is a savior

The 1.9 update comes with many new features, including a few buildings and a plaza named vibrant plaza which has an enormous amount of loot that if you use utility, may help you gain a score against your enemies.

BGMI Loot Tips

4 Try Cycling

The new update has launched various new vehicles like cycles. The cycle is available in multiple spots as well as in the vibrant plaza. Though it has a slow speed than other vehicles it does not get damaged easily and there is no need for any fuel in it., Hence, it has become one of the most valuable vehicles. Also, it can be folded and carried in your bag pack.

5 Hold The New Bridge

With the update, various additional features are added and various buildings and areas have been renovated. Few stairs are added to the bridge that connects the southern island with the northern island in the Erangel map. If you camp their enemy can see you but cannot attack you due to very little gap between the railing which acts as a shield.

New bridges in BGMI

I hope these are going to help you master your gameplay in BGMI and make you a professional. And don’t forget to comment down below if you have any other queries.

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