Pearl Abyss has officially announced that the Open Beta Test (OBT) for Black Desert Mobile China starts from April 6, 2022. They have only recently wrapped the closed beta tests. They are planning to launch the OBTs for the gamers in China.

Three successful closed beta tests have already been conducted before this. These tests have helped the company adjust and embed the game according to the existing Chinese mobile gaming environment.

Black Desert Mobile’s expansion into China

Black Desert Mobile is not a new game to the world. It has already been existing in 150 countries and is now being expanded to China. Its PC title, Black Desert, is also very popular in the gaming industry.

The efforts to expand the game into China had already begun early this year in February. A series of closed beta tests were used to analyse the target audience. This further helped them gain popularity among them. They also gained necessary feedback that helped them modify and localize the game. With these, the game already has witnessed a spike in global users, with about 230% increase in North America.

Fantasy Adventure Night and more exciting updates

Pearl Abyss has scheduled ‘Fantasy Adventure Night’ on April 26, 2022, as a way to mark the start of this thrilling journey in China. The event’s guest list includes Chinese stars like the Chinese influencer PDD, their famous actor Jiang Dan, and the broadcaster and esports player, BJ Dashima.

Black Desert Mobile has always been in the spotlight. This is because of its ever-evolving graphics, seamless action scenes, character customization and other such features. With over 36 million downloads, it was selected as the ‘most anticipated game of the year’ at the Game Player Awards by the ‘17173’ game site users.

This is what Seo-Won Choi, the General Director of Black Desert has to say about the game – “We worked closely with publishers for Chinese service and put a lot of time and effort into localization work. We will provide game services that users can be satisfied with based on the stable operation.”

With the announcement of the OBTs, the gamers in China are one step closer to experiencing this amazing and highly popular game!

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