Cafe Enchante Canus Espada Walkthrough

Cafe Enchante is a game full of aliens and mysteries. This game is about a young girl who owns a cafe. Previously the cafe was owned by her grandfather. As she spends some time in the cafe, she gets to know that her cafe is a place where beasts and aliens from different worlds meet. This Cafe Enchante Canus Espada Walkthrough guide will assist you in completing Canus Espada’s route. You will also be able to unlock all the endings in the game.

Cafe Enchante Canus Espada Walkthrough – Main

  • Prologue: Turn it to ‘OPEN’

Chapter 1

  • Guests, right?
  • A demon?
  • A knight?
  • A fallen angel?
  • A beast?
  • I’ll try…for now.
  • Talk with Canus.
  • Talk with Il.
  • And finally Talk with Ignis

Chapter 2

  • The goods are cute!
  • Sit in front of Ignis
  • the owner…
  • That’s not true…
  • You give me too much credit.

Chapter 3

  • See how Canus is doing
  • The Demon World Asmodia
  • The Fairy World Medio
  • Then The Heavenly World Caelm
  • The Beast World Bestia
  • The GPM

Chapter 4

  • Follow Vennia
  • Continue talking with the fairies

Chapter 5

  • Are you sure?
  • Please be careful.
  • Let’s greet everyone.

Chapter 6

  • I trust everyone.
  • I’ll go with Canus’ group to get information.
  • I can’t see it.

Chapter 7

  • Tend to the garden
  • Don’t push yourself.

Chapter 8

  • I want to go see what’s happening.
  • Ask Misyr and Il to help.

Cafe Enchante Canus Espada Walkthrough – Canus Route

Chapter 1

  • Try poking his cheeks
  • Creativity…?
  • Ignis and Mister Rindo are…

Chapter 2

  • Ask him indirectly
  • Save 1
  • Need more time to think

Chapter 3

  • I agree
  • I was worried about you.

Final Chapter

  • No Choices
  • Happy Ending

Other Endings

Bad Ending 1: Go to chapters, select Canus, Reach his final chapter with low affinity

Bad Ending 2: Load Save 1 > Won’t go any further.


This guide has all the information to unlock all the endings and routes. If you have any other info to share, let us know in the comment section.

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