Chromatic Souls: Limitless progress and a whole new idle RPG world await you in chromatic souls. Take a trip to conquer the game’s limitless and vast fantasy world. Defeat the enemies with your friends. No, that’s not the end; you can also challenge Mythril mines and adventurer league to score higher and get soul stones. There are exciting characters, classes of kingdom, adventures, competitions, and tactical battles in this game. Enough with the intro; let’s get started with the tips and tricks of chromatic souls.

Tip #1 – Know the Basics of Chromatic Souls

You can choose any one of the four characters to play with before the actual game begins. The tutorials can be tedious, so you can skip those and get to know all about it from here.

  • You will need MP to use skills and earn 1 MP from a basic attack. You will be able to use a particular skill when the MP bar gets full.
  • Except for your chosen playable character, you also form a party that consists of a Tank, DPS, and healer. Rogue and Mage unleash potent spells to kill the enemies. Knight protects his allies against enemy attacks while Druid heals injured allies and provides a buff to the party members.
  • You can earn EXP and gold from Auto Battle.
  • Royal Castle is made of 10 zones; when you clear one zone, you can move to the next one. You can earn exp, gold, and gear through the auto battles and challenges.
  • Explore other territories and zones
  • Make or join a guild.

Tip #2 – Go Through Heroic Map

You must maintain two things keep your character and exp at max levels. You can utilize the most vital friends to go through the first map and make sure this friend can play solo and has many buffs. Don’t get stuck in the game because if you do, you will have to farm for the top-tier hero, and it will take a lot of time. This would take you 2-3 days.

Tip #3 – Play Challenges in Chromatic Souls

You can challenge as much as you can; this will get you more rewards and exp. Do not get greedy and run behind the T10 Purple set. Check the skills before attacking the bosses because the skill or elements you use can be very crucial. You can look at the elements info in-game for more details. You can use fire against lightning for most damage, lightning against the earth, Earth against Ice, and Ice against fire. If you do this in reverse, it would be chaos for you, and you will lose the battles.

Tip #4 – Explore Other Options

From the domain, you can get many things done. But that requires you to level up to unlock all the places. You will need to know about the forge refinery shop and skill lab for now. Try to enhance your weapons and upgrade skills in skill labs. The better the equipment, the better you will fight.

Chromatic Souls tips

Tip #5 – Invest in Talent

Talent is also essential because this will build your character stronger. I would recommend you to invest in attack more and buffs rather than in other stuff. After every 50 levels, you will get extraordinary advancements that you can check from the menu.

Other Miscellaneous Tips

  • Play ongoing events
  • Travel far and defeat enemies
  • Keep playing boss levels.
  • Keep equipping with better weapons and equipment.
  • Complete quests
  • Collect gems
  • Buy heroes for raids.
  • Awaken more skills
Chromatic Souls tips

Chromatic Souls is available on Google Play and App Store. I think the game is addictive; I’m highly impressed by the graphics and comical storyline. What do you think? Comment below. Before leaving, check out another idle game: Idle Miner.

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