Chronicle of Infinity is a game with a unique design. This helps you to choose any class which suits your style of play and win the game. There are several distinct classes with vastly diverse playstyles. But each of them is very much capable of beating the opponent on their own. As a result, your choice of best class will be based on your actual choice of playstyle at any particular time, not on whether they are excellent, awful, or even viable. You can choose a tanky warrior or a rogue-type class or even a mage to use powerful spells. In the end, all that matters is how you play.

Even with all of the aforementioned in mind, we know that picking a class in any MMORPG may be challenging. Therefore, we have prepared this Chronicle of Infinity Class Guide to help you understand each of the three classes better. This guide will help you to decide which team better suits your playstyle.

The Classes in Chronicle of Infinity


Chronicle of Infinity-Phantom
The Phantom class, as their name suggests, excels at weaving in and out of combat like a ghost, dealing high-value targets with burst damage. Players that appreciate a high-risk, high-reward playstyle will enjoy this class. Users must learn how to maneuver the battlefield effectively in order to dodge foes while bobbing and weaving towards their targeted targets, which should always be opposing spellcasters, due to their weak and squishy frames.
Phantoms are perhaps the least significant class in terms of individual contribution in a group PvE situation. Their huge burst damage, on the other hand, makes them tremendous powerhouses in PvP.


Chronicle of Infinity-Dragoon
Dragoon is primarily a huge, burly warrior-type class with a variety of skills for sustaining damage and disrupting his adversaries with various control effects. The Dragoon is the game’s most beginner-friendly class, with a vast HP pool and several protections that allow him to flourish in combat even if the player makes a few blunders. And, while his damage output isn’t as high as the other two, it’s still adequate, allowing him to glide through the narrative missions perhaps more easily than the others because they don’t have to worry about evading or repositioning due to their better defenses.


Chronicle of Infinity-Arcania
Arcania is Chronicle of Infinity’s sole pure caster-type class, making her the most powerful and challenging to utilize effectively, especially in PvP. This difficulty stems not just from her inability to employ the class’s abilities successfully, but also from her weak defenses, which make her an easy target for opponent Phantoms.
However, once the player learns her equipment, the Arcania may easily dominate large groups of opponents with her strong spells. Furthermore, this class possesses the greatest sustained damage in the game, and if given enough time to weave her web of spells, she can whittle down even the toughest adversaries.


These are the 3 powerful classes of Chronicle of Infinity. We have mentioned their strength and weakness. Now, it’s completely your choice which class you choose to play with. Remember, as we previously stated, that each of them has the ability to win the game. As a result, it is entirely up to you to choose and pick the squad that best matches your playing style.

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