Chrono Legacy is a strategical RPG game. Naturally, it is critical to have a proper hero with helpful skills for your squad. Not only that, their ability to withstand the fights and beat the opponent is another crucial aspect of a Hero you will require to progress faster. However, in order to optimize your hero’s abilities, you’ll need to have a perfect formation.

It’s also crucial to understand each hero’s Hero Bond in order to unleash its unique effect, which will provide you a significant edge in battle. But don’t worry, we’ll offer you a fair idea of each hero’s hero bond and its special implication, as well as a full formation guide that you can use in Chrono Legacy. Let’s begin with the Hero Bond.

What exactly is the Hero Bond in Chrono Legacy?

A hero bond is a specific bond that binds heroes who have a common background and purpose in their narratives. You do not need to combine them into a single squad. All you need to do is get the hero, and the bond will be automatically created. The bond level will rise in tandem with the bond hero’s promotion. Following is the list of Hero Bond in Chrono Legacy.

1. Free Will

Boudicca, Joan of Arc, and William Wallace form the Free Will Bond. Once the bond is fully activated, Boudicca will deal extra damage equivalent to 2.5 percent of the target’s Max HP after the target suffers damage from her Shark Sign. Meanwhile, Joan of Arc attacks will rise by 2% and Wallace’s Max HP will increase by 2%.

Chrono Legacy Free Will

2. Militant

In their respective eras, Leonidas, Roland, and Lagertha were feared and skilled militant leaders. For the first 5 seconds, after the bond is activated, Leonidas will receive 24 percent less damage. Whereas Roland’s attack will rise by 2%, and Lagertha’s max HP will increase by 2%.

3. Queen’s Gambit 

Queen’s Gambit is a unique bond that can only be activated if Queen of Sheba and Boudicca are both on the same battlefield. When Boudicca is present, Queen of Sheba’s bouncing attacks has a 28% chance of inflicting damage. At the same time, Boudicca strikes have a 2% chance of inflicting damage.

4. Glory of Empire

Powerful Kings like Alexander, Timur, Temujin, and Shajar al-Durr are the main characters/heroes of the glory of the Empire. At the start of the battle, Alexander and their comrades will earn a 50% MSPD benefit and a shield of 10% of their Max HP. Whereas Timur’s attack will rise by 1.3 percent, Shajar al-Durr’s HP and HP cap will increase by 1.3 percent. And finally, Temujin’s attack will increase by 28 percent.

5. Female Rulers

Cleopatra, Shajar al-Durr, Tomyris, and Queen of Sheba all have a connection to their previous lives as female rulers.  After the bond is activated, Shajar al-Durr will inflict additional damage equal to 2% of the target’s missing HP, after activating her ultimate. During the battle, nonetheless, Tomyris’ attack will grow by 2%. While Queen of Sheba’s maximum HP will increase by 2%, Cleopatra’s defense will improve by 5.5 percent.

Chrono Legacy Female Rulers

6. Harbinger

A harbinger bond is actually formed when Arash and Xerxes are present. When targeting debuffed opponents, Arash’s ASPD will rise by 8%. On the other hand, Xerxes’ attack will increase by 2% during the battle.

7. The Light of Hope

The Light of Hope bonds Hippocrates and Charles together. For 3 seconds after activating his ultimate, all associated targets’ damage will be decreased by 12%. Meanwhile, Charles’ attack will rise by 2%. 

8. Sengoku Ordeal 

Sengoku Ordeal is a unique bond formed between Masamune and Hanzo because they are both from the Sengoku Era. Masamune’s initial skill eliminates the target’s 60% protection. Hanzo’s assaults become more lethal thanks to a 2% increase in attack power.

9. Covenant

Because of their friend-enemy connection, Sultan Saladin and Richard the Lion Heart had a special bond, known as Covenant. Richard will be immune to the first control effect assault and his HP will be restored, while Saladin will take 60% less damage from a regular attack.

10. Blessed Queen

Cleopatra’s ASPD will rise by 26 points during battle once the bond is activated, while Elizabeth’s skill damage will increase by 8%.

11. Strategist

The strategist has a bond with King Richard, King Edward, and Guiguzi. Once the bond is activated, Guiguzi’s next skill’s damage will eventually rise by 5.5 percent. While Edward’s attacks will increase by 2%, Richard’s maximum HP will increase by 2%.

About the Formations in Chrono Legacy

In this formation guide, we will give the five best-recommended formations that you can try on your team. Also, we will give you simple tips that will give you a good insight into the management and the positioning of your heroes in the formation.

Best recommended Formations in Chrono Legacy:

1. Combined Force

Boudicca, Queen of Sheba, and Xerxes will be included. Xerxes along with Boudicca will hold every incoming assault. Talking about Queen of Sheba, her strike will bounce to several adversaries. It makes these three heroes the key pillars in your formation.

2. AoE Burst Damage

Your crew should include Richard, Guiguzi, Dido, and Xerxes. With their Area of Effect strikes, Guiguzi and Richard will be the major damage dealers. And Xerxes will once again block every oncoming assault.

Chrono Legacy AoE

3. Physical Push 

You’ll rely on heroes with large physical attacks in this configuration to crush adversaries in a single push. Your frontline will be Richard, Saladin, and Alexander, while Joan of Arc will stay behind and provide considerable help with his healing abilities.

4. Hidden Assassin

Masamune, Shajar al-Durr, Timur, Tomyris, and Xerxes are required for Hidden Assassin. Shajar Al-Durr and Timur will be crucial since they will charge toward the opponent’s backline and eliminate mid-range heroes.

5. All-Rounder

Richard and Guiguzi will be your Area of Effect damage dealers, while Richard will be frontline, Cleopatra and Dido will throw magic damage from mid ranges, and Joan of Arc will continually replenish her teammate’s HP in this entire 6 member composition.

Chrono Legacy Formation Guide: Tips and Tricks

Mages, Support, and Assassin should be placed in the backline because they are highly vulnerable to massive damage. Your Warrior should be in the middle of the line, immediately behind the tank, ready to leap into your backline and defend your mage or provide help against opposing assassins.

If you’re only going to utilize a warrior as a front liner, make sure they’re well-equipped. Not only that, they must be leveled up enough to endure the enemy’s oncoming onslaught for an extended period of time.


The hero on your roster will synergize with each other through each of their special abilities. Thus having a solid formation will benefit you a lot throughout the battle. However, if you want to improve your hero stats, you should at least activate one or two hero bonds in your squad. Due to their similar fields in history or because of their friendship, those heroes were bound by special ties. It’s also intriguing to activate the bond since you’ll learn more about the narrative behind it.

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