City Escape Garden Blast: How often have you wondered about life away from the city? I don’t know about you all, but I always dreamt of having a small house in the countryside. The peaceful environment and the climate are like heaven. Even though those dreams can’t be fulfilled now, you can at least get the taste of it through this game. You get to design your own homes, play puzzles, and challenge and make your way through the exciting story of Melanie and her family.

You must help them turn their farmhouse into an aesthetic cottage. This life simulator game is filled with exciting episodes and dramas—match 3, like a puzzle with some better mechanics and memorable characters and quests. Now let’s start with the City Escape guide.

Tip 1 Know the City Escape Garden Blast Gameplay

You must check the objectives of the level before planning your moves. If you need to collect blue icons, you have to concentrate on getting a maximum of blue blocks with minimum activities. Look around the whole screen and try to strategize your gameplay. No matter how tempting the clues, do not use them. As the level will get complicated, you will have to use boosters, so do not waste them on the beginner’s levels.

Tip 2 Strategise Your Gameplay

Try to make matches in the bottom section so they fall and automatically get the game to others. Always keep this in mind the more pieces you have of the same type, the more power-ups you will get. Detonate several power-ups simultaneously for clearing the whole tiles. You can always exit the game if you see that the booster didn’t land where you wanted it to be. Do this only if you haven’t made any moves yet; your life and booster won’t get affected, and you can try again.

Tip 3 Earn Rewards in City Escape Garden Blast

Make sure to play the lucky spin every midnight; by this, you will get coins and bonuses. Another hack is that you will get more extra lives if you play more with your Facebook friends. So make sure to add friends. Use boosters; you can either buy them or make them in the game. Watch Ads as many as you can; you can earn rewards and level up faster by this. Make wise choices in the game.

I think the game is similar to Garden Affairs; the difference is just in the storylines. The game is pretty easy and can be enjoyed by both adults and children. These are the small tips that you need to keep in mind while playing the game. The game is available on Google Play and App Store. You can always share your gaming experience with me through the comments section below!City Escape Garden Blast Story

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