Cookie Run: Kingdom has a new update which is out now. This April 2022 update has made major changes in the game like adding a new Epic Cookie, a new server and additional kingdom decoration features. This new update has much to offer to the players. It ranges from décor themes to new servers and more.

The much-awaited Dark Cacao server can be used by the players as their server. In order to access the new server, the players with an already existing account are needed to make a new DevPlay account. Then only the players can compete in the arena and test their skills.

More treat for the players

A new “saving” feature is now available that allows decorating one’s kingdom even more easily. There are preset slots within which one’s favorite designs can be saved with an option of purchasing three extra slots. However, this feature is only available for players who have crossed Cookie Castle Level 5. The new ‘store all’ button is also very helpful as it makes it easier for one to store their current tiles and buildings. This will help them start a design from scratch.

Cookie Run: Kingdom has introduced a new Epic cookie called Cherry Blossom Cookie. She is cheery who likes to offer everyone tea and sandwiches. She belongs to the Ambush class who deals with area damage and can manage crowd control well. An impressive thing about her is that she causes more damage to non-cookie enemies than to cookie enemies. She is in a bond with Parfait, Raspberry and Cherry Cookie. “The Best Spring Picnic Ever”, a new story quest featuring her is scheduled to be added to the game.

Along with all this, three new cookie bonds have also been added to the game. They are: The Greedy Dragon of the Cacao Woods, A Min-spring Night’s Rice Cake Party and Singing in the Cherry Blossom Rain.

New Costumes, Themes and more!

There are also 7 new costumes in the Costume Gacha. If you have enough Rainbow Cubes, don’t hesitate to try them out! They look quite adorable and playful. In addition to all this, there is also a new décor theme called Springtime Blossom Picnic Party. It is a limited time theme which looks very full of life and adorable. Since it is seasonal, this pastel theme becomes available only in the spring. So make sure you get your hands on it this spring! They have even opened Touc’s Trade Harbour: Dock 2 and multiple effective changes has been made to the Alliance Mode too.

With all these exciting updates in store, Cookie Run: Kingdom is all set to give the gamers the best experience! So, if you haven’t experienced it yet, make sure you do experience it now!

Until then, let us know what you think about these updates in the comments section!

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