The famous hit armor game’s physics-based destruction Crush the Castle Legacy has launched a few weeks back, and this game lets you enjoy the chaos and mayhem of the french wars (that’s what I think) and the smooth graphics with new achievements and missions are great. Now you just got to load your trebuchet with special projectiles to kill the enemies and get back to your home with the victory. You didn’t know that the collection includes all levels from the original Crush the Castle, Crush the Castle: Players Pack, Crush the Castle 2, Crush the Castle 2: Players Pack, and Crush the Castle: Adventures. I’m sure you will have fun playing this classic crush the castle game, but now let’s get started with the tips and tricks of the game.

Tip 1 Know the Modes

There are currently three modes available now, and within those modes, you also can play the player’s mode or primary mode. The three available ways are:

  • Castle 1
  • Castle 2
  • Castle adventure

In castle 1, you will have limited shots, and you will have to finish off enemies with a limited amount of ammunition. It’s the most difficult one. I got stuck at one of the levels for a few days. You will get different objects to throw in castle two and infinite shots. This one is pretty cool because the graphics look so natural. In castle adventure, the graphics are more aesthetic and cartoon-like; this mode is my favorite as it’s not only enjoyable but easy to play as well. As a beginner, I would highly recommend you to start by playing castle adventure.

Tip 2 Use Physics

Crush the Castle Legacy is solely based on physics-based mechanics and projectile motion. People who hate physics might also hate this game, but think of it like angry birds, so maybe you’ll find it more accessible. Before attacking or shooting, follow the tips that I’m providing below.

  • Look at the distance.
  • Look at the objectives (whether you need to kill all or a specific person)
  • Search for weaknesses in the platform
  • Try to hit the intersection of the building, which holds the whole platform together.
  • Before shooting, try to imagine the projectile and then shoot.

Tip 3 Keep Playing Crush the Castle Legacy

If you are playing the other modes besides castle adventure, you are bound to get stuck at a level; now, what should you do about it? Keep playing and practicing, try to learn from your mistakes, and look for improvements in the gameplay; there’s no easy way to level up, but the experience that you will get by losing the levels will help you shape your physics. Also, don’t forget to upgrade the trebuchet to improve your gameplay.

Crush the Castle Legacy guide

Crush the Castle Legacy is available on Google Play and App Store. The game is excellent, but some gaming mechanics are not perfect, so they should work on that. Like from my experience, it gets frustrating if you get stuck at a level for days, so they should not make the levels so tricky that there’s only one way to win. The aspect ratio is also not very good. I hope they improve these things so that people love the game more. Now tell me about your gaming experience through the comments section below. Do check out another recently launched game: Puzzle Adventure.

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