Try some puzzle games to spend your free time interestingly, but confused about which one to choose? Why not try Crusoe’s Squeaky Ball POP. This dog-themed puzzle game intends to save the squirrels with their doggy friends.

About Crusoe’s Squeaky Ball POP

A creation by DoggyMakers Studio – Dogs, Cats, and pet games, this game was released on March 14, 2022, and because of its theme-based gameplay, it is seeking a good amount of attention from the audience. The game also allows in-app purchases and offers a trail of levels for the protagonist of the game – Crusoe. Crusoe is an adorable puppy who is seen to cause the squeaky ball factory to explode accidentally. This leads to a tragedy that his siblings and squirrel friends suffer and fly across the globe.

Your work is to help them by popping those balls and saving them. The game is a free-to-play and fun game with a lot of adventure on the journey.

Here are some tips and tricks for you to enjoy this journey and help Crusoe find his friends as quickly as possible.

1. Strategize and play with tactics

If you think the game is so simple, what’s the fun part? Then you’re mistaken. The game is about applying good strategy and saving the squirrels in the least number of shots. If you waste your shots, you will lose even the simplest levels. Therefore the strategy must be to hit those targets that consist of the squirrels. Other than that, your shots are a complete waste. Just focus on how you can save those squirrels and understand that the game is about saving, not finishing all the balls.

2. Use the companion’s power wisely

As you tend to progress in the game, you will come across many companions during the journey, and hence they will benefit you accordingly. Try to use those powers at the most suitable points to make the most out of it. For example, when you get the pretty female companion who gives you power on every red ball you burst, try using this power to burst maximum balls at a time. In contrast, when you get another dog companion who makes three hits at a time, this power can also be used strategically.

Crusoe Squeaky Ball Bubble POP Companion Powers Use

3. Keep a check on the lives too

The game is not all about saving the squirrels by bursting the balls, but players, get this thing that there are limited lives. Once you get only five lives, and once you lose one, it will be revived in half an hour. Avoid losing the game too often at a particular time and avoid this running out of life situation.

4. Unlock the characters and make it more fun

This dog-based puzzle game has much more offerings for the players. The game includes a feature including many characters to unlock. So the tip is to buckle up and move ahead on the journey faster to unlock more fun and interesting characters.

Crusoe Squeaky Ball Bubble POP Characters Unlocking

5. Spend coins in severe cases 

There are times when you are running out of lives. Also, you tend to run out of more moves when you are so close to the win. What next? Here such situations, use the coins you have been earning throughout the game to get more moves and win over the games. But do not repeat this very often as this may cause you to lose all the coins. But yes, it’s a thumbs up for difficult special situations.

Therefore, this was all about the article on tips and tricks, and we hope this would benefit you.

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