Cube World Pets Taming And Food Guide

Our Cube World Pets Taming And Food Guide gives you the perfect guide for the game. Just use the Cube World Pets Taming And Food Guide to get the best from the game.

Cube World Pets Taming And Food Guide

Below is the best recipe guide for you to use in the game.

How to Tame a Pet?

Get the favorite food of your pet and feed him with it to tame it. Make sure to tame the pet one by one in private. Otherwise if you try to tame the pets in group, one of them will be tamed but others might attack you.

Cube World Pets Taming & Food – Favourite Food

Pets Favourite Food A-C

Pets Favourite Food A-C

  • Crow: Licorice candy (crocodile, hornet, bat, squirrel and also snout beetle)
  • Crocodile: Apple Ring (Mosquitos, Humans, Onionlings and also Sheep)
  • Crab: Strawberry Cocktail (skull bull, light alpaca, fly and also slime)
  • Cormling Sprout: Spring water
  • Collie: Bubble Gum (Orc, Horse, Radishling, Squirrel, Bat, Insect Guard, Duckbill and also Terrier)
  • Chicken: Cereal Bar (Skull bull, plain runner, lemon beetle, owl, piranha, cow, maw fish, porcupine, wolf and also koala)
  • Caterpillar: Mixed Salad
  • Cat (black): Candy (Fly or Asno general store)
  • Camel: Date Cookie (wolf, squirrel, shepherd dog, insect guard, onionling, shark, orcs and also horse)
  • Bunny: Carrot (Carrot fields, Insect guard and also Lantern fish)
  • Bumblebee: Biscuit Role
  • Brown Alpaca: Chocolate Cupcake (crab, alpaca, and also crow)
  • Blue Slime: Blue Jelly (Djinn)
  • Biter: Pancakes (lizardman, bat, cow, human, plain runner, raccoon and also bark beetle)
  • Beaver: Buckhorn
  • Bat: Mango juice (hornet, leaf runner, bat, wolf, wizard, pig, spitter and also bitter)
  • Bark Beetle: Bread (random drops)
  • Baby Mammoth: Chocolate Ice Cream (destroy unholy tombs)
  • Baby Elephant: Peanut (pig)
  • Alpaca (light): Vanilla Cupcake (parrot, onionling, pig, lemon beetle, porcupine, duckbill and also cow)

Pets Favourite Food D-O

  • Owl: Lollipop (crow, cat, alpaca, horse, fly and also sheep)
  • Mosquito: Bloodorange Juice (Alpaca, Ancient guardian, Bark Beetle, Bat, Biter, Camel, Chicken, Cow, Crow, Human, Insect Guard, Sheep, Skull Bull, Wizard, Wolf, Zombie and also Minotaur)
  • Monkey: Apple Ring (Werewolf, Traveling Mage, Bunny, Maw Fish, Cat, Lemon Beetle, Squirrel, Peacock, Fly, Mosquito and also Sand Horror)
  • Mole: Chocolate Donut (general store, alpaca and also undead)
  • Midge: Melon ice cream (bumble bee, fly, gnobold, skull bull, spike creature, alpaca, and also undead)
  • Lemon Beetle: Lemon Tart (alpaca, orc, bat, onion and also mole)
  • Leaf runner: Mint Chocolate Bar (crab, lemon beetle, chicken, ogre, spike creature, spitter, undead, biter and also parrot)
  • Koala: Eucalyptus Candy (rockling)
  • Horse: Candied Apple (Bat, witch, Biter, Porcupine, Shark and also Skull Bull)
  • Hornet: Popcorn (crow, raccoon, chicken, bat, horse, fly, alpaca and also orcs)
  • Green Slime: Green Jelly (spitter)
  • Fly: Fruit basket (alpaca, cow, orcs, biter, frog, sand horror, horse, bat, lantern fish, porcupine, skeleton, piranha, wolf and also bark beetle)
  • Flamingo: Raspberry juice (dark cultist and also earth caterpillar)
  • Fire Beetle: Curry
  • Earth Caterpillar: Radicchio Salad
  • Duckbill: Sugar candy (bat, wolf, biter, raccoon, imp and also zombie)
  • Desert Runner: Caramel Chocolate Bar (Caterpillars and also Alpaca)

Pets Favourite Food P-Y

  • Yellow Slime: Yellow Jelly (fire beetles, mosquito, sheep, and also undead)
  • Turtle: Cinnamon Roll (alpaca, bark beetle, bat, cornling, cow, goblin, lemon beetle, ogre, orc, owl, porcupine, spitter, squirrel, troll, and also undead)
  • Terrier: Wafle (goblin, undead, devourer, lemon beetle, alpaca and also horse)
  • Squirrel: Strawberry Cake (sapphire fish, lantern fish, bumble bee, cow, raccoon, chicken, plain runner, wizard and also wolf)
  • Spitter: Water ice (bat, plain runner, camel, cow, horse, terrier, fly, alpaca, undead, crab, seahorse, and also humans)
  • Snow Runner: White Chocolate Bar (minotaur, undead, human, bunny, snout beetle, fly, maw fish, sheep and also radishling)
  • Snout beetle Lolly (bunny, squirrel, skull bull, cow, chicken and also vampire)
  • Snail: Cabbage Rolls
  • Sheep: Cotton Candy (chicken, bumble bee, and also bat, or purchase it in cities)
  • Seagull: Salter Caramel (cormling, frogman, squirrel, witch, insect guard, cat, chicken, raccoon, turtle, horse, bat, bumblebee, bunny, onionling and also shepherd dog)
  • Scottish Terrier: Croissant (human, crow, horse and also savagedog)
  • Radishling Sprout: Mineral water
  • Raccoon: Chocolate Cake
  • Porcupine: Blackberry Marmalade (Radishling, Zombie, Sheep, Flies, plain Runner, Seahorse, Bat, Penguin and also Silver Deposit)
  • Plain Runner: Rice Milk Chocolate bar (horse and also cow)
  • Pink slime: Pink jelly (crow, camel, horse, onionling)
  • Pig: Pumpkin Mash (porcupine)
  • Penguin: Soft ice (lemon beetle, lizardman and also maw fish)
  • Peacock: Chocolate Cookie (alpaca, bat, cat, crow, fly, frightener, horse, onionling, werewolves, wolf, and also maw fish)
  • Parrot: Ginger Tartlet Candy (frog, owl, plain runner, witch, fly, bat, dark alpaca, bunny and also minotaur)


I hope that our Cube World Pets Taming And Food Guide will help you to tame your pets. Let us know in comment section if you need recipe guide for any other game.

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