Cyber Fantasy has only recently soft-launched in selected countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Only the first 5K players who register to the game will get an entry. Currently, Open Beta Test 3 is going on which suggests that they are one step away from the final corrections and launch of their game.

Developed by FancyGame, Cyber Fantasy is a 3D MMORPG action game created in the classic cyberpunk style. It aims at creating a large cyberpunk world for players which lets them experience the cyberpunk atmosphere.

The Story

The narrative of the game revolves around extra-terrestrial invasions and fighting for human civilization. The in-game world shows the destroyed earth in its steam-age. It was destroyed by the fire of war lighted by the unknown extra-terrestrial forces that used advanced intelligence and weapons. The people who survived this still held the hope for survival and regroup to fight against these entities. They have to fight for the survival of mankind after the former aggressor comes back again hundreds of years later.

The trouble begins when The Omnics, a species under human control, break free, revolt, and wreak total havoc in the process. They target developed and prosperous cities. The players have a range of adventures to go on. They must work together to uncover the truth about The Omnic’s revolt. On other journeys, they have to ride alone on the Mecha Beast through the neon lights.


The players get a variety of weapons to choose from. They can switch weapons in front of different enemies and can challenge and kill the Boss to loot rewards. Their equipment collection exceeds 1000 and the players can experience combat in its full effectiveness.

Cyber Fantasy soft-launched Philippines, and Malaysia

Cyber Fantasy has only recently opened on April 11, 2022, for the Closed Beta Test and this will go on till May 11, 2022. In this duration of one month, the players can experience the game in its pre-finality! It is only available for Android users for the time being. No update has been provided for iOS users yet. Until then, stay tuned with us for further mobile gaming news and updates. Don’t miss out on this incredible experience. Go download the game now!

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