NetEase Games has officially announced and launched Darkbind’s closed beta tests (CBTs). These CBTs will be exclusive to Android users and will be launched in selected regions only. Darkbind is an action MMORPG that features a thrilling action fantasy.

The CBTs will offer some users to get first-hand experience of the game, which is much prior to the original scheduling of the final game. The first phase of the CBTs started on April 7, 2022.

About Darkbind

Darkbind is a massively multiplayer role-playing online game with a dark and fantasy-based in-game world of its own. As confirmed by the development team itself, the game has unique and magnificent visuals and intense fight sequences and battles in it.

Because of its plausible theme, premium visuals and graphics, stunning worldview, and lasting combination of action and MMO, it has already been in the gamers’ peripheral. Judging by the interesting theme and gameplay, the gamers are really excited to experience it on mobile devices.

The game enables the users to choose and use a wide variety of weapons and fight battles with them. This helps them upskill themselves by urging them to make fighting strategies against their enemies. It has a variety of maps that allows them to explore that virtual world. There is a mysterious and unknown funeral path that is led from Devil’s Hill in the desert.

Each map offers a different experience. One can challenge different types of bosses and enemies according to the stage they are in. With every passing stage, the player has to fight serious and realistic battles with the bosses.

Early Access for the Selected Regions

Since the first beta test has already been launched, players from the selected regions can get a sneak peek into the game. The selected regions are Japan, Canada, and North America. The users in this area can access it via Google Play. NetEase hasn’t provided any information regarding the CBT for iOS users yet.

The lucky selected players will be playing as The Returned Game in the CBTs. The feedback of these players will be closely monitored and will be evaluated to further optimize the game. Hence, there still isn’t any official announcement for the final game release dates yet but don’t worry, we will keep an eye out for all the updates!

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