Defending Lydia Collier Walkthrough

Are you looking for Defending Lydia Collier Walkthrough? Well, your wait is over. In this article we are going to give you Defending Lydia Collier Walkthrough. This game guide will help you progress in the game. Also using this game guide you can unravel all the events and scenes.

Defending Lydia Collier Walkthrough – Day 1

  • Give her a bonus
  • No, it was nice, don’t worry about it
  • Stare at her arse
  • Read about Charles Collier’s disappearance
  • Read about the TITAN Initiative
  • Offer to pay for her
  • Bet on England
  • See full picture (Repeat x3)
  • Pub: Go Home
  • Well you look stunning
  • Ask for her number
  • J…Off
  • Choose: Ellie’s Pictures (+ Ellie) or Your ex-girlfriend’s…(+ Jenna)

Defending Lydia Collier Walkthrough – Day 2

  • Choose: Strength (+ Strength) or Cardio (+ Cardio)
  • Stare at her b
  • How long have you been separated?
  • Where were you when it was taken?
  • Choose: Tell me about his > How long had they… (+Eve) or Where did you go on…> What was her name? (+Yennifer)
  • View Full Screen x 18
  • Open Ellie’s email
  • View the Birth Certificate > Autobiography > Marriage Certificate
  • There’s something wrong with the Marriage
  • Browse through your phone > Instagram > Choose
    • Ellie’s (+Ellie) > I’d love to get to see even
    • Tanya’s (+ Tanya) > See Full x9
    • Fleur’s (+ Fleur) > See Full x9
    • Jenna’s (+ Jenna) > See Full x9

Defending Lydia Collier Walkthrough – Day 3

  • View Fullscreen (Repeat x3)
  • Glance at Ellie’s ch
  • Well they say feeling good and looking good go…
  • If you want to lie to me, we might
  • Leave the room
  • Would you like a lift? I’ve parked just outside
  • I’d quite like to see you again actually
  • Sleep > Get dressed and head outside

Defending Lydia Collier Walkthrough – Day 4

Save: you can only date with Vanessa or Steph. To Date with Steph: Gentle Jog > How about you let me take…

  • Sprints
  • Hey, before you go, what are you up to this evening?
  • Eat Breakfast and leave
  • Stare at Ellie’s a
  • Leave the Court
  • Hug her
  • Check out their a
  • Go Home
  • Another chance to date with Steph, but don’t do it, instead load the previous save and date her

Steph Date

  • Stare at the redhead’s a
  • Stare at her arse
  • Again Stare at Steph’s ars
  • 21
  • Pay attention to Steph
  • Try to see down her dress
  • I’ll pay
  • Pay and leave the restaurant
  • Sounds like a plan
  • Let’s go
  • Give him directions to your flat
  • Do it!
  • Go to Sleep

Vanessa Date

  • Drive to the Restaurant
  • Look down Vanessa’s dress
  • Maybe, but I’m not promising…
  • Drive Home

Defending Lydia Collier Walkthrough – Day 5

  • Eat Breakfast and leave
  • Wait until the traffic clears
  • We could always spend some time
  • Head to the garage
  • Try and see if you can get into the club and find Ellie
  • Go inside
  • Your choice: Dance with
    • Ellie (+5 Ellie)
    • Tanya (+5 Tanya):  Take up her offer > Follow Tanya > Scene > Just pick…> Go back to the bar
  • Let’s go out of here
  • Go home with Steph
  • Continue
  • Can I watch?
  • Go to sleep

Defending Lydia Collier Walkthrough – Day 6

  • Shower and leave for Ironstar
  • Check out Eve
  • Drive to garage
  • Nothing
  • Finish driving home
  • Based on your previous choices:

Steph path

  • Go to Steph’s house
  • Hold her steady
  • Finish eating food
  • Everybody has a past I’m not going…
  • … tongue.

Vanessa path

  • Sure.
  • Your choice
  • Check Tiffany out
  • Check out her backside
  • Control yourself.
  • Don’t stare at her in front of Vanessa.
  • Go home

Lydia path

  • Get Ready and got to the restaurant
  • After you Lydia
  • Eat your meal.
  • Check her out
  • There’s a taxi just over there
  • Go to Lydia’s.
  • Oh, we’re not done yet

Defending Lydia Collier Walkthrough – Day 7

  • (Requires strength >= 2) Aim straight between the posts
  • Leave it for Stanley.
  • Aim very slightly to the right as I’m right footed
  • Take a look down her shirt
  • Different scene depending on your previous choices (Steph, Van or Jenna)
    • Van: I don’t mind really.
    • Steph: Stephanie? > Relieve yourself. > Can you get it? > Stare at her a > When would I ever turn down > You haven’t left my mind all day Firmly gr…> No, nothing really. > What about bring > Can I tie you up? >• Can I p > What about bringing > • How about s > Roll > Brother & …
    • Jenna:  You haven’t left my mind all day Firmly gr…> No, nothing really. > What about bring > Can I tie you up? >• Can I p > What about bringing > • How about s > Roll > Brother & … > Okay, let’s go.

Defending Lydia Collier Walkthrough – Day 8

  • Head to Ernie’s House.
  • It could be useful, but I don’
  • Head to office
  • You look beautiful.
  • Not at all
  • Watch the CCTV with Ellie
  • Make it for three, I’ve got
  • Ask Ellie out to dinner
  • Head home
  • Pay and leave.
  • Drive Ellie home. or Drive to office

Defending Lydia Collier Walkthrough – Day 9

  • The haven’t threatened me yet, and they’ve…
  • Take her somewhere else… > I believe you get out…
  • Drive Elle home
  • Well if neither of us are doing
  • Drive home.
  • Love you too

Ellie Path

  • I’d better just grab a quick…heat to meet Ellie.
  • Walk Ellie back to her apartment
  • Your choice

Steph Path

  • I’d better just grab a quick…heat to meet Steph.
  • You’ve convinced me, lead the…
  • Smack
  • Sure, go ahead
  • Up to you…
  • This is a part of you that doesn’t have any…
  • I promise I haven’t.
  • Forcefully push yo…
  • We’re not done yet.
  • Use one of the w
  • Anything on it is hers, she c
  • Yes, Daddy or Sir (your choice)
  • Sit and watch the rest of the game with…

Defending Lydia Collier Walkthrough – Day 10

Steph Path

  • Find a shop and get Steph some flowers
  • Quietly have a look at the photos…
  • Ask Steph to move in with…

Ellie Path

  • Go down on Ellie and give her a surprise.
  • I’ll hold you to it, I can’t wait

Miss Franklin Path

  • Ok, I’ll see if she’s still around
  • I need to work
  • Make you way to work

Vanessa Path

  • Use ancient…
  • Your choice, better save watch the other and chooser Warn her!
  • Explain why you shouldn’t u
  • Tell Vanessa about C
  • Go home

Steph Daddy path

  • Play along with Steph’s roleplay
  • Yes

Steph Sir path

  • Very good indeed sl > your choices

Jenna Path

  • Lead the way
  • Inside
  • Your choices


Well, now that you have the Defending Lydia Collier Walkthrough, use it to complete the game. We will keep updating this walkthrough guide as the game progresses. If you need walkthrough and guide for any other game, let me know in the comment section.

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