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DeLuca Family Walkthrough & Guide – Story

Are you looking for DeLuca Family Walkthrough & Guide? Well, your wait is over. In this article we are going to give you DeLuca Family Walkthrough & Guide. This game guide will help you progress in the game. Also using this game guide you can unravel all the secret levels, items, rewards and more.


  1. That would be nice (+ Luna)
  2. It’s a nice room (+ Luna)
  3. You are Pretty as well (+ Luna & also + Gracie)

Story I: The Dangerous Dinner

  1. It’s okay (+ Cordia) or Shitty (-Cordia, –Antonio, but + Luna)
  2. Buy cameras (- Morality) or buy audio recorders (+ Morality)

Story II: The Hidden recorders: Plant the devices in the state – Night & Luna’s room

Story III: The Punishment

  1. Relationships > I like you both (+Luna & also + Grace)
  2. Stay silent (+Morality) or Stop her (yes -morality, but No + morality)
  3. Go out and check (++Luna, ++ Grace, ++ Cordia & also + Four Serpents) or Stay Put (+ Morality)

Story IV: The Traitor

  1. When Trino is accused > Look (+ Morality) or look away (nothing)
  2. Talk to Cordia > He got what he deserved (+ Morality) or he didn’t need to die (nothing)

(First complete all the characters quest and farm some money and XP) > Farming

Story V: The Proud Fazio

  1. First choice > State your name (+1 Calm) or None of your Business (+1 Angry) or Who is who (+1 Crazy)
  2. Ideals of honor and integrity > Important (- Morality) or They can be a hindrance (+1 Morality)

Story VI: The Blizzard Queen: No choices

StoryVII: Mother: No choices

Story VIII: The Kaskar Family: No choices

StoryIX: i will protect you: Grope > Amazing (+2 morality) or Wrong (-2 morality)

Story X: My Name is Luna: Ask Wilfred > Continue grop… (with Luna) > Check her room next day > check recording > Wait 3 days for Luna

Story XI: I Love You my son

DeLuca Family Walkthrough & Guide – Farming

You will need:

  1. Money: Work & buy all the available books to improve the stats
  2. XP: Work & and unlock better contracts
  3. Equipment: When you have enough money buy the best equipment to improve your stats

DeLuca Family Walkthrough & Guide – Characters

Luna Quests

Gracie’s Gunned Down Jeans > Go to her room at noon (help her – I’m in) > Go to Gracie’s room (evening) and take the jeans > Buy the cheapest jeans (your computer) > Give the jeans to Luna

Explosive Carrying Molesting Bees > Go to her room at noon (going out) > That made her hate you (+ Luna) > Be More Daring (+ Luna)

Luna’s Knife Knife > Go to her room at noon (trouble) > Ask Wilfred and take the deal > Give it to Luna (The knife means a lot to you) > Relax you are doing fine

Femme Fatale > Livingroom (afternoon) > check the recorder (your computer) > Talk to Luna about Living room (Touch Necklace) > Buy High Heels (your PC) > Give them to Luna > Ask Isabel for help (her room evening) > Ask Luna about training

The Cave: > Wait one week, she will come > Are those clothes bought by Isabel (Prove it)

Gracie Quests

Dancing with a DeLuca > Tal to her – living room afternoon (ask if she needs help) > Learn about ballet (your laptop – 2 nights) > dance with Gracie

Friends > Gracie’s room afternoon (promise – 3 options & analise)

It is All About the intent > her bedroom night (ask to hangout)

Town Time > Gracie’s room afternoon (hang out) > Dance (+ Gracie)

The Friends of My Friend Are my Friends > Gracie’s room afternoon (hang out) > Touch thigh (+Gracie)

The Magic Touch > her room afternoon (trip) > check recording (laptop) > check recording (again after 3 days) > her room afternoon (movie) > check recording (again after 3 days) > check recording (again after 3 days) > her room afternoon (movie)

Dancing clothes > Living room evening (new dances) > Buy dancing clothes (laptop) > Dance with her (evening living room) and grope…

Feelings > Her room at night > enjoy

Isabel Quests

Drinking With A DeLuca > Talk to her (night living room) > Buy wine (laptop) > drink with her (living room night) > Buy a better wine (laptop) > drink with her (living room night) > 100,000

A Bottle for a Bottle > Offer her help (night living room) > Ask wilfred about wine > Complete Wilfred’s mission > Drink with Isabel (living room night) > Turn Head & Use Tongue


Well, now that you have the DeLuca Family Walkthrough & Guide, use it to complete the game. We will keep updating this walkthrough guide as the game progresses. If you need walkthrough and guide for any other game, let me know in the comment section.

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