1 Roam around areas with fewer players

You should always try to find a place on the map with fewer players. This way, you will have higher chances of finding valuable ores such as Diamond, Quarts, Amethysts, Uranium, and Gold. The Blue, White, Purple, Green and yellow boosts in simple terms.

2 Boost is important but not more than your life

If you are collecting a boost, let’s say diamond, and suddenly a bigger player appears, then don’t try to seize on the boost; just run. You can find another boost, but you will have to start from scratch once you die. However, if the enemy is slightly bigger, then you can also use this as an opportunity, lure him, collect the boost to grow bigger and then take on him.

3 Best Strategy to get on the leaderboard

Dig quietly until you get to a score of 50-60K. During this time, only try to kill small, easy targets. Make sure to always keep your HP around 60-70% to always be ready for a fight.

Once you reach over 100K score, your score will start decreasing significantly with time. This is when you should play aggressive. Keep digging in the solid areas to recover your score. At the same time, keep tracing tunnels to find prey.

4 Here is how to defend

You can circle around bedrock and lava to save yourself from the enemy. If you are really small, then you can easily outrun them. If you are slightly smaller than them, that is challenging. Here, try to run through already dug tunnels.

5 Bank on the opportunities

When you find two big players fighting, keep an eye on their HP. Try to smash them immediately if one wins with extremely low Hp. You can also steal kills and run (but try doing this only if you are a bit experienced)

With this, we conclude our digdig.io tips and tricks. Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you reach the leaderboards easily. For more such game guides. Stay tuned with us.

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