Dota 2 Tier List

Dota 2 Tier List gives you the best of in game characters ranked from best to worst. Our Dota 2 Tier List has the list of latest characters from the game so that you choose the best ones.

Dota 2 Tier List (Characters)

Below is the list of all the characters in the game ranked from best to worst.

Tier S


  1. Axe Portrait
  2. Earthshaker Portrait
  3. Legion commander
  4. Pudge
  5. Wraith King

Tier A


  1. Alchemist hero icon
  2. Centaur
  3. Chaos Knight
  4. Doom
  5. Earth Spirit
  6. Elder titan
  7. Huskar Portrait
  8. Lifestealer Portrait
  9. Magnus Portrait
  10. Mars Icon
  11. Night Stalker
  12. Sand King
  13. Spirit breaker
  14. Tidehunter Portrait
  15. Tiny
  16. Tusk Underlords

Tier B


  1. Abaddon Portrait
  2. Bristle Portrait
  3. Clockwerk
  4. Dragon knight
  5. Kunkka
  6. Lycan
  7. Omniknight portrait
  8. Phoenix
  9. Slardar Portrait
  10. Snapfire_icon
  11. Sven
  12. Timbersaw
  13. Underlord Portrait

Tier C


  1. Beastmaster
  2. Brewmaster
  3. IO Wisp
  4. Treant Protector
  5. Undying Portrait


I hope that our Dota 2 Tier List will help you to pick the strongest and most powerful characters in the game. Let us know in comment section if you need tier list for any other game.

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