Dragon Up, a playful and fun animated game, is all set to come to Netflix this May. East Side Games Group and Netflix have partnered up and are collaborating on the exclusive release of this game on Netflix. East Side Games Group is Canada’s leading mobile gaming group and has quite a good reputation. Hence, its collaboration with Netflix is very exciting for all the gamers, especially since Netflix is an equally, if not more, reputed brand.

East Side Games Group Logo (CNW Group/East Side Games Group)

This game can be accessed through a Netflix membership. It has been designed and created by East Side Games Group’s highly reliable Game Kit technology. It assures no in-app purchases or unnecessary commercials. Dragon Up mobile game is a premium-style version of the games already created by the East Side Games Group.

What is Dragon Up about

Dragon Up mobile game is a colourful and idle game that features their in-game space called Dragon Kingdom. The players can experience this adventure game by tapping their way around the kingdom. The Dragons of the Dragon Kingdom need the players assistance as a witch is constantly trying to expel them from their own lands. Their magical abilities are in ruin and they need help to revive their power. The last surviving egg hatches and there is a whole journey for the player to embark on with their pet dragon Billy.

The players are supposed to collect money and dragons. On their way, they discover marvellous dragon nests, treasures and unlock new dragons and habitats.

The Collaboration

This is what Jason Bailey, the Chief Executive Officer of East Side Games Group has to say about their partnership with Netflix: “Netflix has revolutionized the way we consume television and movies, and we are excited to be a part of their early entry into the mobile game space. Dragon Up couldn’t have found a better home. We’re excited for Netflix members everywhere to enjoy the game and we are looking forward to bringing exclusive content in future updates!”

Indeed, this is not only an opportunity of fruitful collaboration but also a good time for Netflix to enter the gaming arena, especially the mobile gaming industry.

So, tell us how excited you are for this game in the comments section! Stay tuned with us for further mobile gaming news and updates!

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