Dreamy Clover Town is a farming simulation game developed by WeMade Connect. Instead of just being a regular farming simulator, the game also has an interactive storyline about you and the villagers of Clover Town. You can also build a relationship with all of the villagers. The town has lost its natural beauty, and players and their friends must work together to repair it and beautify the surrounding area. Let’s look at a guide and tips and tricks for Dreamy Clover Town. 

Playing through the Main Storylines:

As mentioned above, you can play through the whole village’s story. There are three types of story modes present in the game: the Main Story, the Villager’s Story, and the Relationship Story. When you read a story for the first time, you will receive a jewel; the number of jewels you receive will vary depending on the sort of story you read. If you’ve played a visual novel game before, like Doki Doki Literature Club, you’re more likely to be familiar with the story gameplay. There are extremely cute graphics and a lot of dialogue choices for you to choose from.

Growing produce in your village:

dreamy clover town farming

Of course, a farming simulator involves a lot of farming. At the beginning of the game, you’ll have a limited number of farmlands and produce to grow on that farm. As you level up more, you can unlock more produce. Alongside that, you can make milk, eggs, butter, and a lot more in the other buildings like the barn, factories, and more. When farming for produce, you need to assign the villagers who are capable of that task. You receive a time reduction bonus and also affection points with that villager. You have to keep up with the rate of producing all the items available because you’re going to need a lot of them.

Villager Requests and Dailies:

dreamy clover town villagers

When your villagers are not working, they will go for a walk around the village. If you see a villager with a megaphone icon on their head, means they have a request for you. Requests generally include you fulfilling their demands of some yields or other produce. That’s why you need to farm as much as possible. Completing the villagers’ request will give you coins and exp points. You also get a lot of exp points and rewards by finishing all of your daily requests. Just click on the notice board and check all the things you have to do. 

Gacha System for the villagers:

dreamy clover town gacha

In the beginning, you will only have access to Lena and Tom in your village. There are many different kinds of villagers, ranked from S to B, S being the best and B being the worst. As your progress through the game, you will get more tickets to unlock more of the main characters. Like we mentioned before, every villager excels at a specific job, and they are divided into four categories: Gardeners, Engineers, Veterinarians, and Waiters. Gardeners are great at farming, Engineers handle the machinery, Veterinarians take care of the animals, and Waiters are perfect for running restaurants. Don’t forget to level them up and increase your affection for them. 

Gathering materials:

dreamy clover town gathering

You will notice a hiking trail right behind the forest behind your house. Click on that, and you can now send your villagers for gathering materials and earning tons of rewards. You can send one villager per gathering area, and their abilities affect the rewards. You need to send them with resources for their gathering to get the readiness bar up, more the readiness better the reward. There is more than one gathering area, and the locked areas can be unlocked with materials.

Building and improving Clover Town:


While you’re farming for things, you also need to focus on building and making your town even prettier and more organized. There are a lot of decoration items that you can buy from the store and freely place any item that you want. If you feel that you have less space, there is a lot more land for you to buy. Just click the bulldoze icon on land and buy it. 

Ending Note:

If you’re into visual novels and love the aspect of farming, this is the perfect game for you. The game isn’t very heavy and the graphics are very adorable and eye-pleasing. Dreamy Clover Town is now available to download on the Google Play Store and the App Store. 

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