A sequel to the popular Dungeon Village game, Dungeon Village 2 is an RPG town creation and management game. This article will provide you with the Dungeon Village 2 Beginner’s guide and a few tricks to progress faster into the game. Dungeon Village 2 game is available for both Android and iOS devices. The gameplay is similar to the original Dungeon Village. You get to build and expand your town. Also, fight monsters to grow stronger and finally defeat the boss.

Dungeon Village 2: Gameplay

Let’s start our Dungeon Village 2 Beginner’s Guide by discussing the gameplay first. Just like the original game, adventurers will start by fighting the opponents. After a few fights, they return to town to buy supplies and regain stamina. To level up, you have to keep fighting and improve the overall stats of your player. Different jobs will increase their skills in different ways. If an adventurer is knocked unconscious after fighting for too long, another adventurer must save them, or you can use an item to revive them. The Adventurer’s Guild will award you medals for accomplishing various tasks and giving them to your adventurers. The adventurers’ desire to claim a house and battle opponents on their own will improve as a result of these medals.

Tips and Tricks to Get Started with the Game

  • Adventurer Satisfaction and Work both have a 999 limit. With Work, you can get a +1090 percent stat boost.
  • after every 100 popularity points, you will witness an event. It can be a new adventurer’s visit, old town adventurers’ visit, medals are rewarded, or events or constructions are awarded.
  • Due to the rising number of adventurers visiting to help earn more funds and town points, concentrating on popularity is the greatest thing to concentrate on when founding a new town. It is inefficient to spend town points to boost popularity.
  • There are no ramifications if you transit back and forth between the towns. While money cannot be transferred across towns, you may buy products from maps that you control and then sell them in the town where you are now working.
  • Unless you despise yourself, lock the orientation in the settings menu. You may also swipe the screen to enlarge or reduce the viewing area.
  • Once you’ve started investing in the cauldron, turn off auto-equip in the settings menu! Otherwise, your peers will begin to buy dumb things and discard the better items. It’s fine during the early stages of the game when you’re struggling, but it soon causes more harm than good.


Dungeon Village 2 is an amazing game which surely worth your time. You will be able to understand gameplay much better when you start playing it. This game has a lot of features that will be uncovered as you progress further into the game. You will witness powerful melee weapons, short and long-range equipment, amazing cities, and many more things. So, what are waiting for? Go and try this amazing game available for both Android and iOS devices.

You can download Dungeon Village 2 from the links below

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