1 Keep Clearing Dungeon Quest

As it’s a straightforward game, you don’t even need to do anything except watch the screen or close the app up to you. Although it’s supposed to play independently, you will have to spend gems for the auto-battle mode to keep playing when the app is off. But if you can watch the screen, just do that and watch your character beat up the enemies and level up. There are numerous kinds of enemies ranging from weak slimes to terrifying dragons.

2 Keep Upgrading in Endless Quest 2

You won’t be able to clear matches without upgrading your characters. Currently, there are two characters available, and both have different fight styles and abilities. Abilities, items, etc., will keep getting unlocked as you clear the levels. You earn the most rewards by clearing boss levels. Make sure to open the gift items; they have massive dividends. To upgrade your character click on the character icon present in the upper left corner.

Check the equipment under Leo and choose the ones with more benefits. Go to skills and check if there are any skills that you can upgrade or unlock. Next, do the same for Liliana. Also, make sure to use the items from the backpack.

3 Explore Your Options

There are so many kinds of stuff to do, so you must explore them yourselves. There’s an event going on; you will get high-level equipment if you defeat the dragon, but it’s impossible to beat if you’re just a beginner. Select your pet or buy from a pet store; evolve it by feeding it the required items. You can purchase equipment or upgrade them in the shop. From the shop, you have a lot of options. I’ll brief you about those so that you won’t face difficulties.

In forge shop you can do a lot of upgrading things like:

  • Upgrade equipment
  • Enhance equipment (for this, you need enhanced materials)
  • Inlay rune (if you collected any runes, then you can use them here)
  • Smelt (melt items to get rewards)
  • Merge (merge items to get better stuff)

4 Other Miscellaneous Tips in Endless Quest 2

  • Check out the Adventure bar and collect rewards
  • Play dice game for rewards
  • Play special events
  • Complete daily missions/quests
  • collect free gems daily
Endless Quest 2 tips and tricks

Endless Quest 2 is available on Google Play and App Store. That’s all the tips and tricks that a beginner would need to become a pro, and if you like to play games like this, check out Blade Idle RPG. Do share your gaming experience with me through the comments section below.

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