Epic Army Clash: Blast off the enemies with your unique army and set of weapons. It’s time for you to join the battle and show them your power. Yes, I know you will only get small troops in the beginning, but once you unlock the bugger units and level up, it’s so much fun to watch them fight. You don’t even need to do anything much; it’s an action game that you can play while relaxing in your room when bored. Now without further adieu, let’s hop onto the tips and tricks section of the game.

Tip 1 Buy Units in Epic Army Clash

You can only buy units by spending money, so you need to clear the levels. After clearing each level, watch ads to get more money. I’ve finished the whole game within a week, you can say. It’s effortless. So yes, invest money first in buying the units. There are many units, so you will not get bored of them; there are also helicopter and artillery troops that sound cool, right?

Tip 2 Unlock Cells

Cells are extra space that you unlock. Don’t unlock these until and unless you’ve filled the whole cells. Once opened, try to fill the cells with units of troops. Unlocking cells should be the last thing you do because you should invest more in keeping troops upgraded and take less space for more teams to place later. You can watch ads for extra cash as unlocking cells can be expensive.

Tip 3 Merge Troops in Epic Army Clash

What will happen if you keep unlocking cells and filling them with troops? Yes, you will reach the max cell, and you won’t be able to place troops further, so before that happens, make sure you keep merging similar units and level them up. After merging, when you see any empty cells, only buy units.

Tip 4 Troop Placement

The troop placements are also significant. As this will decide the fate of the battle as well. Follow the type of alignment that I’m sharing to clear the levels quickly

  • front row: Soldiers (higher/lower)
  • Second row: snipers
  • Third row: artillery + bazookas
  • Fourth row: Tank + Helicopter

When you’re engaging in a boss fight, don’t waste your missile initially; when you see the troops are losing, only then launch the rocket.

Epic Army Clash beginners guide

Epic Army Clash is available on Google Play and App Store. That’s all the tips and tricks I think you will need to reach the max level. It’s a super easy game and enjoyable, but I think they should have put some difficult hurdles to make it more exciting, and I’d like to hear your opinion. Check out another relaxing game: Dragon Island.

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