Epic Seven is a new and exciting turn-based RPG made by Smilegate Megaport, also known for its popular titles such as Crossfire. The aesthetics are cute and anime-like, featuring a gacha system and F2P compatibility. Epic Seven immerses you in Orbis’ fantastical world, which is characterized by an endless cycle of destruction and rebirth. As you acquire heroes for your quest, you select the best to form part of your squad, which will face a wide range of monsters and other characters. If you’re fairly new to the game and don’t know anything about it, we have a perfect guide for you.

Downloading Epic Seven:

You can download Epic Seven right now from the Google Play Store and the App Store. If you’re into RPG games with anime graphics, this is an excellent game for you. 

Epic Seven basic gameplay:

There is a lot in the game, but it all needs to be unlocked as the story goes on. The battle controls and UI are incredibly plain and simple to learn. You also have the option to deploy four characters in each battle, with an assist player. 

When playing through the stages, you will also encounter a statue. It’s the goddess of the soul statue granting you soul points. In a gauge at the bottom of the screen, the soul will be collected. The soul has two purposes: one is to improve your heroes’ talents. To do so, simply press “burn” in the soul gauge, and your heroes’ skills will be enhanced. The second is to enlist the help of a guardian. To summon the guardian, collect the souls until the gauge is full, then click on the guardian button.

Forming your Team:

epic seven teams

When you initially start playing Epic Seven, there may not be many options open to you, but after a few fights in the first chapter of the story mode, which is still essentially an introductory chapter, you will have access to gaining powerful ones to add to your team. The first thing you’ll want to do is assemble a squad with various classes and specialties, just as you would in any other RPG. To begin, a Knight can be placed in the front row, followed by a Mage, Warrior, Thief, or Ranger in the middle row, and lastly a Soul Weaver in the back row.

You also need to understand elemental reactions. Fire is strong against earth but weak against water, earth is strong against water but weak against fire, and water is strong against fire but weak against earth. Light and dark are unique elements that are neither strong nor weak in their interactions with other components. It’s best to have teams with compatible elementals. 

Epic Seven Gacha System:

epic seven gacha system

The gacha summon is unlocked at the end of Chapter 1 as your first big achievement as an Epic Seven player. After completing the first chapter of the Story Mode, you will get nine random heroes or artifacts from the Covenant Summon as a free Selective Summon. You can acquire a 5-star hero or a 5-star relic from here because the results are unpredictable. You have 30 chances to capture a powerful hero. When you reach gold, you must stop because you will not be able to obtain another 5-star character. To make it more enjoyable, the drop rates are slightly higher than for the other summons.

Level your heroes up and enhance weapons:

epic seven heroes

Your characters will get experience points and level up as a result of each battle they participate in. You can think of hero levels as gauges as you move through the game. Even if you are a few levels ahead of the opposition team, it can still be a difficult task at times, so upgrading them is extremely important. 

Raising your hero’s level by feeding some cards is the most fundamental upgrade. You must now promote a hero once he or she has reached the maximum level. This is accomplished through promotion, which necessitates the sacrifice of similarly ranked characters for the hero to advance to the next tier. Awakening is another enhancement option that can be activated with the use of elemental runes. Each hero can be awakened as many times as their star rank allows, as long as you have the necessary number of elemental runes for each awakening. Check your heroes’ equipment as well; any gear slot that isn’t faded indicates that an item is accessible to equip on that slot.

Do the Story and side quests:

epic seven world

You should always focus on clearing the main chapters. When one of these events occurs, do your best to farm them as consistently as possible. To access them, your account must be Rank 9, which does not take a lot of your time. Following the Side Story, you should try to clear all available on the main story map. Because the incentives are more substantial than normal, give them three stars. Many players are unaware that global farming for catalyst provides the highest stamina and gold returns in the game.

Join a Guild:

epic seven guild

The sooner you join a guild, the sooner you can start reaping the benefits. Depending on the number of active members, becoming a member of a guild pays you with brave crests and gold. As a result, make an effort to participate in your guild and offer assistance and donations wherever possible. Also, make sure to apply to active guilds.

Ending Note:

Epic Seven is right up the alley for any RPG-loving gamer. We have covered the basics for you here, but there is a lot to do in the game, so have fun exploring. Happy Gaming!

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