ExoMiner – Idle Miner Universe – Conquering lands are outdated; now it’s time to conquer planets in Exominer. What don’t You know about Exominer? Don’t worry; I’ll be your guide for today. Exominer is a game where you can leave a mark on human history by conquering several planets. Discover and create life-changing technologies. Do you have what it takes to become rich from rags? Will you be able to build a reputation as an entrepreneur and expand your gigantic empire in the direction of scientific advancements? Don’t worry; there will be 68+ different ores for you to mine ranging from ores to ingots. It’s up to you how you’ll make a profit out of them. The best thing is that your empire keeps growing even if you are not using the phone or playing the game. Now let’s get started with the tips and tricks of the game so that you can level up quickly.

Tip 1 Know the Available Currencies

The three types of in-game currencies in Exo miner are bucks, relics, and science points.

  • Bucks: these can be earned by selling ores, alloys, etc. You can also use these bucks to upgrade or do research.
  • Relic: The rare and premium currency in the game is available in the shop daily. Another way to earn relics is by making better ranks.
  • Science points are available in crates and shops, which you can use to upgrade the astronauts.

Tip 2 Collect Science Points in ExoMiner – Idle Miner Universe

The scientific points are essential to upgrading the astronauts. Players can easily upgrade astronauts through duplicate shards/cards from crates. Then the duplicate ones will be used in upgrades and will cost you science points. The more upgraded they are the more bonus and the more your empire will grow.

Tip 3 Place Deposits in ExoMiner – Idle Miner Universe

Astronauts or cards in the game on which you can place a deposit and gain bonuses. For example, yuri increases the mining rate while Christer increases cargo size and mining rate.

How to deposit?

Tap on a deposit where you want to place the character, tap the + icon on the top left, and choose the astronaut. You can upgrade the deposits; there are three upgraded: mining rate, speed, and Cargo. I’ll recommend you increase all these simultaneously. But focus on the mining rate more. To unlock more deposits, try to complete the explorer research.

Other Miscellaneous Tips

  • Finish all research before moving to another planet. You cannot go back when you move to the new world, and only bonuses are saved.
  • Get a 30 relic ad offer by closing the game and restarting it again and again.
  • Do not upgrade every mine but upgrade the most expensive ones of each category.
  • hip speed is essential to try to upgrade it to level 5-6 at least
  • Don’t sell alloys or items and sell only raw stuff.
  • Watch ads to boost idle time.
ExoMiner guide

Exominer is available on Google Play and App Store. I’m sure this guide helped you understand the overall gameplay, and I would recommend you play it every 2-3 hours to leave it idle again. If you have any more tips to share, then comment below. Check out another amazing game: Berserker Online.

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