Garena’s new fantasy adventure sim game, Fantasy Town, has finally soft-launched in Spain and Nordic countries. Previously being launched in countries like Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, and Malaysia, it has started to expand its geographical horizons. These previous launches have proven to be really successful which has led to the game’s popularity among the gamers.

Fantasy Town has been a highly anticipated game since its initial introduction. The essence of it is like the game Harvest Moon combined with a Minecraft-like art style. It gives it a very cute and cozy look overall. The game has activities to do like farming, mining, animal husbandry, taking care of one’s village and the villagers, and more. It also has combat activities involved like defending one’s village from the trolls.

The Story and Gameplay

The narrative of Fantasy Town goes around with the player taking on the role of a Lord. The Lord is forced to take over the main town, Arsendal, as its governor. The Lord has to take care of the town and its people, build the place and manage the whole of it. They must make sure that their new friends remain happy and satisfied.

There is more to the game as it takes an even adventurous turn. The Lord is needed to summon new villagers from time to time and make them explore the continent and dangerous dungeons. If one turns out to be lucky, these adventures may lead to new places and hidden treasures. These treasures can further be used to build up Arsendal.

This perfect blend of town management and dungeon adventures is what makes this game so special and popular. If you are among the lucky few who live in the above-mentioned areas, you can download the game from Google Play and App Store.

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