Farmers Dreams Walkthrough

Are you looking for Farmers Dreams Walkthrough? Well, your wait is over. In this article we are going to give you Farmers Dreams Walkthrough. This game guide will help you progress in the game. Also using this game guide you can unravel all the secret levels, items, rewards and more.

Farmers Dreams Walkthrough – First Steps & Quests

  1. Nina: Ew, what were you dreaming of, you perv? – Answer: It’s nothing like that! (Friendship + 3)
  2. Diary (near your bed) > Apple’s basket (kitchen)

1st Quest – Missing chickens

You need to talk to 30 villagers and to find 5 chickens, but you just need 4 chickens to complete the quest, talk to your father when you find the 4th

During the quest, you will have to give some answers:

  1. Nina’s Father: – Huh? No, I didn’t see any chicken, sorry Alex! Hey, so what do you think about Nina’s boyfriend? – Answer I don’t like him (Friendship + 10)
  2. Nina’s Grandmother: – Aren’t you that boy who used to play with Nina all the time when you were kids? Why aren’t you her boyfriend? – Answer: Maybe someday I will! (Friendship + 10)

2nd Quest – Get some water

First of all, follow the two guys. Then you can join them (Stealhiness), or not (Honor), up to you

Then go to Sam’s house (south east) > talk to sam > go to the well (right exit) > fill the bucket (Item menu, bucket, hold, well)

3rd Quest – Find Sam’s Luck Charm, Forest & Cave

Just go to the well again

Run to the Cave avoiding the monsters, don’t fight them

In the Cave:

  1. 1st choice: You should take off your wet clothes or you will get a cold…
  2. 2nd choice: Corruption or Friendship
    • Well, it WOULD make you feel less cold! (Friendship – 5) (Corruption + 5)
    • That’s not what I’m saying! and Don’t be stupid, I’m not trying to see you naked! (Friendship + 5)
  3. 3rd choice (after sticks & stones): Take a quick look (Corruption + 10) or Keep eyes closed (Honor + 10)

4th Quest – Father needs a medic!

  1. Go to the village’s elder house (south) and talk to him
  2. When Mia is checking on your father, if you didn’t take a quick look on Nina before you will get (Friendship + 10) with Mia

Farmers Dreams Walkthrough – Day 1

There are several tasks

  1. Fence Recipe: Talk to your father or buy it at the shop
  2. Get friendship points talking to all the girls
  3. Flirt with Elise
  4. Heather Quest – Fence Repair: Requires the Fence Recipe and some wood. Give the 3 fences to her and don’t accept her money to get (Friendship + 10)
  5. Darius (Trevor’s father) talk to him after 1 pm, he will ask yoi for some rum
  6. Nina’s father: I need some money (+300 gold & quest Report to Nina’s Father) or Don’t Worry (Honor + 10)
  7. Sam’s mother: Talk to her, she will give you special bread the day after
  8. Buy some seeds (laura’s shop) > plant them in your farm
  9. Village Elder Silas: he will give you the quests Cleaning the village and Take Care of Redd
  10. Take Care of reed: Give him food and medicine every day, and talk to Darius to fix your house
  11. Aaron (south west) – Hunter Training: Pick some green herbs and bitter roots to make medicines > Get to the Mine (south east), talk to Derek (Pickaxe) and find some treasures inside (rum and gold)
  12. Lake: Find some apples and Tulips there
  13. Darius: Give him the rum to get the hammer tool. Now you can make and sell fences (20 gold each)

Farmers Dreams Walkthrough – Day 2

  1. Selena: Go down on her (Corruption + 5) (Selena’s Influence + 10) & Try to continue things inside the wagon (Friendship + 5)
  2. Heather: Buy her the Woolen Yarm (Friendship + 4)
  3. Elise: receive the quest Wood for Elise
  4. Sophie: receive the Quest Sophie’s letter
  5. Sophie’s letter
    • Give it to Toby (abandoned house): Honor +5
    • (better) Give it to Marcus (Nort East) > Good Idea! (Corruption + 5) (Friendship + 10) > Fine! (Corruption + 5) (Friendship + 5) (+ 30G)
  6. Only if you showed to Marcus: Talk to Marcus (abandoned house) > Meet Nina’s grandmother (well) > choose:
    • Sure! (Friendship + 10)
    • Ok… (+ 80G)
    • No way! (Friendship – 10)
      • Now we are talking! (Corruption + 10) (+ 100G)
      • Sorry, I want no part in this. (Honor + 8)
    • Meet Marcus (abandoned house)
    • Dream;
      • S*ex (Physicality + 1)
      • Lved (Charisma + 1)
      • Protect the people I love (Combat + 1)
      • Great farmer (Farming + 1)

Farmers Dreams Walkthrough – Day 3

  1. Mia: Talk to her > if more honor points than corruption points, scene at the end of the day
  2. Sam’s mother: Special bread is available, you can buy it to her
  3. Vincent’s house: Knock and insist to unlock a new scene
  4. Talk to Elder Silas
  5. Vincent’s house: enter
  6. Marcus (requires Friendship + 20 and more corruption than honor points) –  You will learn the stealthiness trait:
    • Invisibility Technique?
    • Can you teach it to me?
    • I’m Ready!
    • Stay Still
    • Stand casually still
    • I’m just relaxing a bit
  7. Sam: Ask him for money
  8. Well: Go there
  9. If you unlocked the quest “report to Nina’s father”, talk to him to earn some gold and unlock the quest “Awkward conversation”
  10. Amanda’s room (requires stealthiness trait): Scene and (Corruption + 3)
  11. Mia (if she is in your house): Talk to her and
    • Wake her up (Friendship + 10)
    • Uncover her brea*s (Corruption + 15)
      • Touch her bre*as (Corruption + 10) (Friendship = 0)
      • Stop (Friendship + 10)
  12. Father (your house): Talk to him and get the Mother’s Necklace

Farmers Dreams Walkthrough – Day 4

  1. Sophie
    • I don’t know what you’re talking about…
      • Shhh! Can you speak any louder?! New Quest: Sophie’s Extortion
      • I don’t remember this.
        • Bring it on! (Friendship + 10)
        • Damn, you’re right.New Quest: Sophie’s Extortion
    • What do you want? (Friendship = 0) New Quest: Sophie’s Extortion
    • Can we please don’t talk about this?
      • Forget it, I won’t do it (New Relationship Path)
      • I have no other option then… New Quest: Sophie’s Extortion
  2. Sophie’s Extortion: 2 ways;
    • Fix your house, grow a crop and hold it while talking to the pub’s owner
    • Talk to the pub’s owner > steal > ask sam for help > lie > pub > steal
  3. Darius: Pay him 500 or offer to help him seducing Mia or Heather (hire>cancel). But you can only help him without paying if you have 20 friendship points with any of the girls
  4. Evely (near the pub) hold a Woolen Yarn (Friendship + 10)
  5. Mia: If you didn’t touch her, talk to her (elder’s house)
  6. Elder Silas: Talk to him to unlock the quest Responsible Partying > if you have 2 hearts with Mia, talk to her
  7. Party (before the lake) > interact with the fire holding 50 wood

Party 1/2

  1. Nina: If you brought Mia
    • She’s just a friend. (Friendship + 5)
    • You are right! (Unlocks scene with Ninalater)
    • I have other things to do. (Friendship – 5)
  2. Brooke: If you hold a bottle of rum
    • Let’s get wasted! (Friendship + 5)
      • I never drank rum before… (Friendship + 5)
  3. Amanda: If Pshysicalty is at least 2
    • Different better, or different worse?
    • It must be all the money I’m making!
      • (Show your money)
        • (If money >= 1000) (Friendship + 5)
          • Sure, I’ll get you something! New Quest: Amanda’s Gift
          • And what would I get in return?
            • How about a kiss? New Quest: Amanda’s Gift
            • How about a date? (Friendship – 5)
        • (If money >= 500) (Friendship – 5)
        • (If money < 500) (Friendship – 10)
      • I don’t carry much, I like to spend it. (Friendship + 5) (but requires at
        least 1 heart with her)
        • Sure, I’ll get you something! New Quest: Amanda’s Gift
        • And what would I get in return?
          • How about a kiss? New Quest: Amanda’s Gift (+kiss option)
          • How about a date? (Friendship – 5)
      • I don’t walk around carrying all my money!
    • You look as beautiful as always. (Friendship + 5)
  4. Heather: Requires 1 heart with her
    • Heather has been talking about me? Tell me more!
      (requires Physicality 2)
      • Soon, I hope!
        • He-he, sorry! (Friendship + 5)
        • Oh no, I really meant it. (Friendship + 10)
          • I’m joking! (Friendship + 2)
          • Well, maybe someday you will! (True Love Route)
      • What? We are just friends. (Friendship + 10)
      • Who knows? (Friendship + 10)
      • I’d look good with any of you! (Heather’s Friends Route)
    • Only good things, I hope. [(Friendship + 5) or (Friendship + 10 if Charisma at least 2 and Physicality at least 2)
      • Soon, I hope!
        • He-he, sorry! (Friendship + 5)
        • Oh no, I really meant it. (Friendship + 10)
          • I’m joking! (Friendship + 2)
          • Well, maybe someday you will! (True Love Route)
      • What? We are just friends. (Friendship + 10)
      • Who knows? (Friendship + 10)
      • I’d look good with any of you! (Heather’s Friends Route)

Party 2/2

  1. Evelyn: Requires interact with the fire holding 50 wood before the party
    • Thanks!
    • Thank you! Not as beautiful as you though! (Friendship – 5)
  2. Evelyn again:
    • Not yet, but soon!
    • I don’t drink alcohol. (Friendship + 10) or (Friendship + 15 if Charisma at least 3)
      • I don’t like the taste.
      • I like being in control of myself. (Friendship + 5) or (Friendship + 10 if Physicality at least 2)
        • Bye!
        • (Kiss her in the cheek) (Friendship – 5)
      • Same as you: I don’t want to act stupid. (Friendship + 5)
    • Not today. (Friendship + 3) or (Friendship + 5 if Charisma at least 3 or Physicality at least 2)
      • Bye!
      • (Kiss her in the cheek) (Friendship – 5)
  3. Mia: If she is there
    • Go with her (this will end the partyt)
    • Bye! (Mia & Sam Route)
  4. Brooke: If you gave her rum and chose “Let’s get wasted” > We stole it (Friendship + 10), then:
    • Stop Drinking (Friendship + 5) if you chose “I never drank rum before…” option on
      Phase 1
  5. Heather: Alma’s Question > Go home (Friendship + 5)
  6. Laura > I want to talk to you.
    • Fight (If Combat at least 1): Ends Party but unlocks Hanging with Laura
    • Fight (If Combat less than 1): (Friendship + 5) and unlocks Embarrassed Laura

Farmers Dreams Walkthrough – Day 5

  1. Elder Silas: Unlock the quest Elise is looking for you
  2. Elise’s house: unlock the quest Elise’s garden (requires to complete wood for Elise quest) > It’s OK, I like helping you! > That sucks, but it’s understandable…(Friendship + 15) > How about a date? (Picnic with Elise)
  3. Lake > pick the Tulips > go south and pick the Garlics
  4. Mermaid
    • Sounds fun to me! (scene + Mermaid Promise)
    • I prefer to get some answers (Mermaid Secrets)
  5. Elise: Craft Tulips + Garlics and give what you crafted to her > Yes (scene if friendship at least 2, Friendship +5 and also Honor +8)
  6. Heather: You have to give her money 3 times (…500, 1000…)
    • 500:
      • You don’t need to thank me!(Friendship + 10)
      • Hm… How about you owe me a favor?(Fake Girlfriend Route)
    • 1000:
      • Show me your ti*ts! (Blackmailing Heather Route) (Corruption + 10)
        ● I’m doing this because you are my friend! (Friendship + 10)
  7. Mia (requires: give her mother’s necklace day 4) > Watch > I saw everything > You did a nice thing for him (Friendship + 10) & Mia’s corruption story.
  8. Your house > Talk to Mia (if she is there) > talk to your father and:
    • Ask Elise to visit or
    • Call your ‘girlfriend’ for a visit (Requires Heather owes you a favor from Donating Money)
  9. Talk to Nina (Well) > Talk About Trevor (Awkward Conversation quest) and:
    • Maybe in another life…(Friends with Trevor) or
    • He’s a douche.
  10. Nina again: Your body is perfect
  11. Sam’s house: Knock
  12. Elise’s house or Heather’s house (depends on your previous conversation with your father > if Heather: Things (casual route) or Grab (true love)


Well, now that you have the Farmers Dreams Walkthrough, use it to complete the game. We will keep updating this walkthrough guide as the game progresses. If you need walkthrough and guide for any other game, let me know in the comment section.

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