Fetish Locator Walkthrough

Are you looking for Fetish Locator Walkthrough? Well, your wait is over. In this article we are going to give you Fetish Locator Walkthrough. This game guide will help you progress in the game. Also using this game guide you can unravel all the scenes and characters.

Week 1

Fetish Locator Walkthrough & Guide – Day 1

  • Get a closer look
  • Accept punishment
  • Yes to C play
  • About the movie!
  • Don’t go to see the movie with her
  • Change of plans! Let’s see a movie with AmRose
  • See C play results
  • Yes
  • Yes! I want to see how she is…
  • Tell her the K…research purposes
  • Should watch more
  • Take a picture of Chloe
  • Go to AmRose as you promised her to see a movie together
  • Don’t tell her about the party
  • Let’s watch a movie
  • C AmRose

Fetish Locator Walkthrough & Guide – Day 2

  • Post your lips to find a P
  • Respond to a stranger on the app
  • Keep watching
  • Continue watching …
  • Agree to do a favor
  • Choice:
    • Go to the Cafe > Polly&Nora story path
    • Go meet & munch S / Ditch Polly to munch S > Munch Min’s Red Carpet > Enter looking at her face > She didn’t say I have to stop > Stay & Watch
  • Put a f in her A

Fetish Locator Walkthrough & Guide – Day 3

  • Are you willing to help me with that?
  • Start M yourself
  • Yes, it is my fetish – OR – Not really, but I’d do it for points
  • Make a distraction and save Kevin and Chloe from being caught –
  • Take a picture of AmRose’s foot
  • I am curious
  • Understand Kevin’s Point of View
  • Agree – I want F Foot W OR Agree – I really need the points
  • Yes, Mistress
  • Yes, Mistress
  • um… Yes, Mistress
  • Submit
  • That could be kinda interesting.”
  • Choice:
    • Secret Santa > Lyssa Path > Offer to eat > Demand to see
    • Go Watch Min’s Event > Min Path > Challenge Min > Do Whatever It Takes
    • Go Watch Antony’s Event > Maria Path

Fetish Locator Walkthrough & Guide – Day 4

  • Command Daisy (if available) OR Ask Daisy
  • Yes – I’m interested in that
  • Ask more about diet
  • What the boof happened here? (Romantic) OR Oh bother, it’s a drunken
  • (Polly&Nora path) Not right now, but maybe someday
  • Fing.. Her A

Fetish Locator Walkthrough & Guide – Day 5

  • Boldly Go Where Everyone Has Gone Before
  • Put on a Show for Kevin
  • Yes to watersports
  • My turn to
  • Say that you will Co-sign
  • (Min Path) No problem > … Min’sFace
  • (if you didn’t reject Daisy) Let Daisy In > N*de
  • Let’s see what she will do if I take even longer
  • J O Shower

Fetish Locator Walkthrough & Guide – Day 6

  • Yes, I want inside
  • Sure, why not?
  • Let her know
  • Warn Daisy
  • Make Maria into a
  • Send it to me
  • Warn Nora before
  • Walk Lyssa home
  • Yes – I want to spend time with Lyssa, and more than that
  • I don’t want to be friendzoned (Romance) OR I don’t want to be “nice” (Direct)

Fetish Locator Walkthrough & Guide – Day 7

  • Flirt with Vanessa
  • Follow Vanessa
  • (Requires Amrose’s messages & Saved kevin) > Yes, I want to know > Try to get some
  • (Save) Meet Dahlia or Daisy (you’ll lock the other path)
  • (Lyssa path)I love everything about that idea > Slap again
  • Sure, it could be fun to try something new > your choice
  • Make AmRose your secret girlfriend OR Make AmRose your personal S
  • Scene: Spank for points

Week 2

Day 8

  • Let Stacy bathe with you
  • Fine
  • I have a big surprise for you > It is your turn now
  • (Lyssa Path) We will see about that after you > Give her some
  • (Polly&Nora path) Well, I guess I would be a dad


Well, now that you have the Fetish Locator Walkthrough, use it to complete the game. We will keep updating this walkthrough guide as the game progresses. If you need walkthrough and guide for any other game, let me know in the comment section.

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