The Fortnite Director, Donald Mustard, has recently teased a possible return of Wolverine to Fortnite. This tease has hinted at a Fortnite x Marvel crossover which has all the gamers hooked for more information.

Donald Mustard is also the creative director of the famous Epic Games Battle Royale. His reputation adds credibility to his tweet and that is why the fans are relying on his tweet so much. There is a lot of excitement around it, especially because the tweet features Wolverine.

What could this mean for the game?

The banner of Donald Mustard’s Twitter handle has changed to Wolverine and the location shows ‘Princess Bar’. Wolverine’s popularity is massive in the Marvel fandom. Even people who don’t actively follow Marvel know about Wolverine and his key power and strengths. Because of his popularity, he also recently got his own game in the Marvel universe.

The game might most probably include a new map or a new game mode, new skins and emotes, or something along the same line. Currently, we don’t know what the tweet is trying to hint at and can only guess for the time being since the details are sparse.

The map is deduced to be Madripoor of the Marvel Universe. This is where Princess Bar is located. Maybe it could be just a map update or maybe they are trying to hint at something more serious. Whatever it may be, it is clear that Fortnite plans to make a fortune out of this Marvel collaboration and the whole gaming community is wholeheartedly here for it.

Expectations and Further Updates

The gaming community, especially Fortnite players, is eager for more news and can’t wait much longer. They are constantly looking up for updates from Epic Games. It is the perfect way to keep the fans hooked and asking for more! Although there has been no official announcement by Epic Games yet, this is a big source of excitement for both fans of Marvel and Fortnite. They can expect some big announcements soon!

How excited are you about this collaboration? Let us know in the comments section!

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