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gacha games

Best Gacha Games 2020: Gacha games are relatively new, but they are becoming increasingly popular in Japan and many other parts of the world.

We will be making a list of 23 best Gacha games in 2020. We will also give you a brief overview of Gacha games. Then let’s get started !!

What are Gacha Games?

Gacha games mainly contain Gacha mechanics where you can shoot something like a game vending machine to get random virtual items like new characters, costumes and coaches.

However, to get the chance to get Gacha, you need in-app currency or real money. Here the game becomes interesting. If you like to play this kind of games, you have come to the right place.

Top 23 Best Gacha Games of 2021

Below is the list of one of the top and best Gacha games of 2021.

1. The Alchemist Code

Alchemist Code is a popular role-playing gacha game. This game uses the RPG strategy mechanic instead of the usual JRPG mechanic.

The game has 50 group characters, multiplayer, various special events and competitive PVP. We found it easy to play on our F2P tests.

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The game has good sound support, good graphics and much more. It is not that bad. This is one of the top Gacha Games Reddit.

2. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Dokkan battle is a very popular fan favorite and is the most popular gacha game in the world. This game has over 350 million downloads worldwide and still has 1000,000 positive comments on the Play Store like any other game.

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Dokkan battle brings all the action in Gacha games, amazing story and gameplay. This Gacha game gives gamers the ability to use your favorite Dragon Ball characters, and set a well-arranged storyline.

If you are a fan of Gacha gaming and action, this Gacha game is a mixture of both and it is available worldwide.

3. Arknights

3.Arknights is a mixture of RPG strategy and Gacha RPG. Many of the basic mechanisms are similar. A different campaign mode, temporary events, and hundreds of characters are called.

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However, the fighting has a much lower JRPG and more SRPG. Usually, it’s a little slow, but some people like the strategy element.

This Gacha game also comes with an automatic posting mode and amazingly decent soundtrack. It has the same appeal to players as Azure Lane, and the game focuses on collecting characters more than anywhere else.

4. Exos Heroes

Like all other Gacha games, Access Heroes has its own unique features. The most prominent of these are smooth 3D graphics.

Many gamers are passionate about clear graphics, and the truth is everyone expects something beautiful, but no one thinks it is too good.

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This Gacha game has an auto focus update feature that requires game activation. It also has the characteristics of changing gender and appearance, although the theory behind it is still vague and unknown.

This game has some more beautiful makeup example of anime style, online PVP, easy battles and fights, and interesting stories.

5. Dragalia Lost

Dragila Lost is a Nintendo mobile RPG Gacha game. This Gacha game started with some bugs and connectivity problems. Everything looks better now. This gacha game features RPG movement mechanisms, which makes them a little more dynamic than most RPG mobile games.

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The character set isn’t as big as the other games, but there is another Eden game, and it was fun anyway. We love it because it’s so friendly to F2P (non-aggressive monetization), the story is great and it’s a great and seemingly complete experience.

6. Marvel: Future Fight

Marvel: Future Fight is a mixture of RPG game elements. Several Marvel Heroes and Villains can be added to their 3-member group to trade missions together.

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You can recruit characters by drawing games to create your dream team. This Gacha game was released in 2015 and is stable, as shown by downloads and reviews.

Regular updates add new characters to the game that you can use and make your team as powerful as possible.

7. Azur Lane

Azur Lane is an amazing and one of the best Gacha games. It is also full of the famous Kantai Collection game in Japan. Either way, it features side scrolling fire passing mechanics, though you’ll fight automatically in most of your competitions.

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You ask for the character as usual, except that each character is a World War II plane that looks like a girl. You make the fleet of ships and fight against the bad guys.

The game contains more than 350 characters, tones and many more. The user interface is a bit overwhelming at first and some English translations are bad, but the rest of the game is fun.

8. Grand Order

Grand Order uses a huge selection of the popular animated series Destiny. Therefore, fans of the series should enjoy. This mazing Gacha game contains an amazing story and soundtrack.

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In addition, you will find many units you request, lots of special events, and decent mobile-style graphics. Most of the complaints we received related to the difference between the Japanese version and the global version.

The Japanese version is a little more advanced in its development. However, Grand Order is a great and one of the best Gacha games.

9. Another Eden

Another Eden is one of the new best Gacha mobile games. The game already contains some Odyssey of Crono Trigger, including time travel and some other short stories and design elements.

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The Gacha element is very small, but we believe it will increase over time. Mechanics differ slightly from traditional mobile RPG.

You roam around the map and take part in story missions like old JRPG consoles instead of the usual mission games. This is surprisingly good, although slightly different than most Gacha games.

10. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

This is one of the best Gacha games. This Gacha game has a very easy to use F2P. Additionally, it comes with a long history, lots of units to call, lots of special events, and lots of other things.

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Combat is a role-based JRPG style with the usual type of special abilities. It also has lots of crossovers with other square supplement features to get an extra dose of craving.

11. DC Legends: Battle for Justice

Battle of Justice is the first step For Marvel to enter in the world of Gacha games. Superman, Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman are just a few of the four characters on your team. Legends offer a variety of campaigns and arenas to test your teams.

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What helps Battle for Justice to stand out from other Gacha games is the fight for justice. Battle of Justice also feature chief offensive events with great rewards, as well as regular personal updates and content opportunities.

12. Honkai Impact 3rd

Honkai Impact III is another intense role-playing game featuring Gacha mechanics where you can transform into powerful weapons, costumes and characters.

The game is about three unique characters known as Valkyries. Each Valkyrie has unique abilities and offensive capabilities. You can switch between characters and fill the team characters with different weapons and equipment.

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You can acquire new weapons through manufacture or through the Gacha system. The more wins you win, the more resources you’ll get in this Gacha game. As a result, you will be able to obtain powerful weapons from the Gacha system called “Stigmatas”.

13. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

In the distant galaxy, there is a Gacha game that ultimately caters to Star Wars fans around the world. Released by the giants of the electronic arts industry, with the help of Galaxy of Heroes, you can build your dream team.

Whether it’s a team full of decorative Gedi, Seth, rebel forces, and empire characters, you can do it with the help of this game.

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In addition to building your own squad, you can build your own fleet of naval battles. Finally, you can create or join an association to tackle new challenges and more rewards.

14. Destiny Child

Like many other Gacha games, Destiny Child is one of the most addicting mobile games. It comes to build your character using Gacha game currency. You have to start your journey to become the most powerful enemy of the inner circle.

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The best part about Destiny Child is the impressive personality and deep art. You can feel the characters have been carefully crafted and you will love the tons of costumes the game offers.

As for the game, it’s a dungeon story where you have to build a strong army and go. For more excitement in the battle with your enemies, Destiny Child provides unique sounds for each character, making the game more fun.

In short, if you like creating characters, Destiny Child is one of the best Gacha games on Android.

15. Tales of Erin

Tales of Erin is one of the best Gacha games. This game has everything from character-driven work to drama, tactics, and fantasy.

The game has a special history in ancient Japan, where there was a cold war between God and the human world. Although it looks amazing, there is a lot to unlock.

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You have cellphone style scenes and music that blend nicely with the game environment and great character sounds. Needless to say, Erin’s story contains over 80 different characters that can be grouped together with the Gacha system.

You must use God’s power and create a new world order. Also, the game has great graphics with 3D animation and intense visual effects.

16. Fire Emblem Heroes

This Gacha game is relatively solid with fun and colorful graphics and many other things. This games uses RPG strategy mechanisms like console games.

We also love the little details of this game. For example, Nintendo tells you the chance of ordering very good units. It is the only friendly and fun F2P game to play.

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It has an excellent story and gameplay mechanisms, similar to the game versions of Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS.

17. Epic Seven

Epic Seven on this list is abeautiful Gacha game. Each level of this game comes with a different vibration and feel.

This game is of hybrid type, with the things that come with Mecha and anime and CGI things. It contains a lot of funny stories.

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The Gacha system is amazing and fun. It also has amazing graphics. This game has a large number of events and a very active party. This is a great advantage for the players.

18. Gacha World

best gacha games

Gacha World is the most popular and highest rated game in the global Play Store. As the name implies, everything depends on the Gacha system and is completely addictive.

The game is full of anime characters, and you can even create your own characters by farm missions, fighting raiding leaders, and much more.

You are charged with saving the world from corruption by learning more about the character’s story and earning bonus points.

With enough coins, you can enter the world of Gacha and choose from over 90 characters. Also, you can customize the dress from head to toe by dragging the Gacha.

19. The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

fans of anime will find this Gacha game more attractive and convenient. The seven deadly sins is a free Gacha game with app purchases like everyone else on this list.

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This game introduces a new approach to fighting, good graphics, and PVP features. This Gacha game also has options to collaborate with friends and characters using the integrated reality that make them a favorite.

Many critics call this game one of the best Gacha games that was announced in 2020.

20. Bleach Brave Souls

If you know the successful animated series from Bleach Universe then you will love Bleach Brave Souls. It relies on many characters in Bleach’s world who have special tricks and unique abilities.

You can continue to build the characters on your own and build an army of fighters the way you want them. To build more characters with special abilities, you have to fight for victory, which will reward you in the game.

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You can now use this award to roam the streets and get anime characters, coaches, clothes and other favorite items. Plus, Bleach Brave Souls does well graphically. It is a fast-moving 3D graphics Gacha game that I think you will love.

21. Summoners War

Summoners War is one of the most popular role-playing Gacha game in mobile games. Coming from Com2Us developers, Summoners War allows players to play the role of summoner that collects monsters that unlock during the game.

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With boss fights and tentative events, this Gacha mobile RPG game is probably one of the oldest, but its success is beyond dispute.

22. Dragon Ball Legends

When it comes to Gacha Games, it is around. How great it would be to play your favorite games with the characters you know and love. Dragon Ball Legends allow you to play roles like Goku, Vegeta and others.

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Dragon Ball Legends has great controls designed for PvP battles for group action. You can also play with and against others in the best graphics this game has to offer.

To make things easy, DBL has over 900,000 positive comments and 11,000,000 installs on the Google Play Store.

23. One Piece Bounty Rush

If you love anime, I can boldly say that there is no way you haven’t heard about this Gacha game. This game has everything anime fans want.

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Believe me, just because I’m talking about anime fans who like it more does not mean that others won’t like it. Anyone who plays this game will definitely enjoy it and want more.

This is one of the best Gecha games and you will completely fall in love with this game.

The Best Gacha RPG Games of 2020

Here are our picks for the best Gacha games on Android and iPhone. We have included games that offer not only Gacha Mechanics but also an interesting story-line with a wide range of characters.

If you have any suggestions for us, let us know in the comment section.

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