Do you enjoy the notorious criminal-based games? If yes, this Gangpire: Fire & Fury is meant for you to play. Today we will be throwing some light on the game Gangpire: Fire & Fury and the tips and tricks for the gangsters to build the Underworld Empire of their own. 

The new strategy-based game, Gangpire: Fire & Fury, is developed by Joystix Limited and was released on March 23, 2022. The game’s concept revolves around the theme of building its own Underworld Empire and beating down the gangs. The game says, “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.” 

While the game’s storyline explains that the city has been controlled by skeletons (the notorious criminal syndicate), they squeeze out every penny for each action you do, be it drinking a drop of water or breathing the fresh air; everything has a cost. In such a situation, you become the Gang Boss and have to stand up against the Skeletons fighting against them and overthrowing the tyranny.

Some of the features offered by the game are:

  • Strategic dispatches of the crew on the map using the tap and drag feature.
  • Recruiting skillful heroes with fab looks and skills to boost your performance.
  • Work as a team in a clan.
  • Fight and expand the area under your control.
  • Plan and apply strategies.

Following are some of the tips and tricks to boost your performance:

1. Focus on completing the Chapter Tasks

You are the Gang Boss, do not forget that! The completion of the chapter tasks must be your priority. On the main menu, just in the left corner at the bottom, the chapter tasks keep appearing, and new ones are introduced as soon as you complete the already given ones. However, the game seems a bit confusing when you begin, and at that point, it is best to work according to the tasks mentioned. Once you complete them, you get the chance to earn money, bullets for the battles, and much more.

Gangpire Fire & Fury Chapter Mode

2. Make sure to claim the rewards

The chapter task needs to be on the priority list but along with that, keep this thing clear in your head that you need to claim the rewards to progress faster and have enough resources to build, fight, and expand. 

3. Learn About Your Teammates

The game is about you being the Boss Gangster and other heroes in your team. Therefore this becomes your duty to know about the strength and weaknesses of every member of your team. 

4. Make The Best Moves

Make the best move? Thinking how? The game demands strategy. For instance, you go on to fight a battle, but the scenario is like, you have fewer hooligans in your team. So there are maximum chances that you would defeat. So here, your planning is required. Before going on a battle, go for the recruitment of hooligans in your team, and afterward, go on a battle. Moreover, although the battles are played in auto mode, you need to check when to use the special powers to boost and experience less damage.

Gangpire Fire & Fury Gameplay Details

5. Don’t forget the dallies

The game requires a lot of cash in your hand, enough bullets as a weapon to fight, and a good amount of gold bars for survival and progress. For all these, you need to complete the tasks, but also there is another way to earn these – through daily tasks.

Just at the top right corner of the menu, there is this option for you to checkout for the daily tasks and complete them to earn exciting rewards.

6. Building and Construction can’t be neglected 

Gangpire: Fire And Fury is not all about the battles but about constructing your empire. For that case, you need to keep on constructing resources like forgery, arsenal, steel mill, mintage, buildings like the newsroom, church, condo, data center, mall, etc. If you just focus on battles, your gameplay would adversely get affected, so make sure to construct and expand.

Hence, players, this was all for now. We hope these tips and tricks will help you effectively get through the levels.

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