Genshin Impact 2.6 Version Phase 2 has already begun. This means new events for us travelers to play around with. The new event is called “Vibro-Crystal Research,” and it is based in the new area of Chasm. This is a new kind of event for all of us, so let’s learn more about it.

Genshin Impact: What is Vibro-Crystal Research?

You must assist a Fontaine researcher in their inquiry on the edges of the Chasm, defeating numerous enemies with Vibro-Crystals for rewards. You need to be Adventure Rank 28 and have completed the “Rite of Parting” Sub-Quest of Chapter 1: Act 3: Archon Quest. Like most of the Genshin Impact events, to begin the event, you need to go talk to Kathyrene from Liyue. Teleport to the Chasm East Waypoint after speaking with Katheryne, then go northwest to interact with Patrice. Besides Patrice, you can see a domain portal where you will be able to use Vibro Crystal buffs and fight against enemies. 

When entering the domain, you can see all the enemies that you have to defeat. You can also see there are three kinds of difficulty: Normal Difficulty, Hard Difficulty, and Extreme difficulty. The normal one has a 1x multiplier, the hard one has 3x, and the extreme one has 5x. If you want more points and have a strong team, go for the Hard or Extreme mode. 

Transmitter and Reciever Crystals:

genshin impact vibro crystals

You’ll also notice a “Harmonics” button on the screen. Click on it, and it will take you to the Vibro-Crystal setup. The blue crystals are Transmitter crystals, who govern the trigger for buff effects. The yellow crystals are Reciever crystals, who trigger the buffs once the conditions are met. These both will give you various kinds of buffs during the battle. Each transmitter crystal can project radiation on only one of the receiver crystals; while the receiver crystal can receive a transmission from all the three transmitter crystals.

When the trigger circumstances of the relevant Transmitter Crystal are met in the challenge after connecting Transmitter and Reciever Crystal, the harmonic response buff effects of the corresponding Reciever Crystal can be gained and Harmonic points accrued. Harmonic Strength will increase after a specific amount of Harmonic Points have been accumulated, offering characters combat buffs: all-party members’ CRIT DMG will be boosted. The buff effects will only be applied to the character that activated the “Transmitter Crystal.” The length of the “Receiver Crystal” buff effect will continue to pass when a character is replaced during a challenge.

Genshin Impact: Best Team Comps:

genshin impact vibro crystal team comp

The event’s gameplay is almost similar to the spiral abyss except with the addition of Vibro-crystals. There are two different floors with different sets of enemies, and you have to choose a team for both. It also provides you with a set of trial characters which are Xiangling, Raiden Shogun, Xingqui, and Venti. Using the trail Venti, or any other crowd-controlling character will be your best bet to earn more points since the enemies keep spawning over and over. Another good type of character to have would be off-field DPS to yield a continuous stream of damage. Form your team based on reactions like a Freeze or Vape team. 

Genshin Impact: Rewards from the Event:

genshin impact vibro crystal rewards

You’ll receive 70 primogems every day for getting 1000 points, which is very easy to achieve. Other than that, you will also receive Hero’s wit, Weapon Ascension materials, Mora, Mystic Enhancement Ore, and a lot more. 

Ending Note:

This event appears to be a lot of fun; there appears to be a lot of trial and error in terms of which crystals to use. Also missing out on an event means missing out on a lot of primogems, so try not to. And always remember to have fun, Happy Gaming! Genshin Impact now available to download on the Google Play Store and App Store.

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