Glory Ages is here for the samurai fans! This is a suitable game if you’re crazy about Japanese culture, especially samurais and ninjas. You will experience medieval Japan and learn to fight like a warrior. There’s not much of a storyline, so that’s one of the game’s drawbacks, but otherwise, the gaming mechanics and visuals are great. Unlike other tap tap fighting games, you will need to be careful here.

You must not underestimate this simple game because I did the same initially and got stuck in levels 4-5. It’s unbelievable that the fame used AI, i.e. the enemies are intelligent, and their abilities will improve alongside yours to defeat you. There are numerous Japanese weapons to choose from and different characters to play with. Let’s hop on to the tips and tricks section now.

1 Learn The Controls of Glory Ages

Like any other game, you also need to learn the controls of Glory Ages. The different types of buttons available are:

  • For movements, you have the controller on the left-hand side
  • To dodge away from the enemies or to make them lose their balance, use the reverse arrow button
  • For defending yourself from fatal attacks, use the double sword button
  • Use the sword-like control to attack

2 Play Tactically

Everyone knows how to use the controls but did anyone ever tell you how to improve your gameplay? No right? See some everyday things that you can do to clear levels are:

  • if there is a single enemy, then dodge and try to finish off quickly
  • For 3 enemies, try to separate them from each other and attack them one by one instead of fighting at the center.
  • While fighting multiple enemies (more than 3), make sure to play patiently, wait and let your opponent attack first, then hit him and get back again
  • For more than 3 enemies, it’s recommended to use fury

3 Use Special Skills

Fury is a particular skill; activate this skill, and everything will become slow. So you will be able to finish off the enemies quickly. You can also upgrade skills by collecting skill points available after clearing certain levels. I would recommend you upgrade your health and attack skills.

Glory Ages - Samurais Guide

4 Watch Ads in Glory Ages

Sometimes some levels will be challenging, so if you get stuck, then watch ads to get unrestrained fury in the match. Besides using fury, you can buy better and stronger characters from the store by collecting coins.

Glory days is available on Google Play and App Store. You can also play another similar game Five Night io: Bear Smasher. I think they should also introduce PVP real-time battles; otherwise, everything else is excellent, ranging from visuals to gaming mechanics. Do let me know whether these tips were helpful for you.

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