Golf Star: I don’t know about you guys, but a sports game is horrible without proper physics-based mechanics and breathtaking graphics. I’m amazed by the Golfstar game. I mean, they took sports gaming to another level. The pictures are pretty realistic; the golfing techniques are mastered by prows, and the stunning, robust simulation. Now without any further adieu, let’s get started with the tips and tricks.

Tip 1: Keep Practicing in Golf Star

Practice makes a man perfect. The tutorial session in golf will teach you all the basics of hitting shots and the simple mechanics. Similarly, you have a train and practice if you want to become a pro. But that’s not all; after this, you will realize that there’s still a long way to go. You will have to plan shots and play in different fields to get the hang of the mechanics.

Tip 2: Try to Make Perfect Swings

In reality, when we play golf, we do not go and directly challenge other players until and unless we have enough confidence in our skills. Try to identify your best attributes and abilities. Try to get the hang of the controls. Make sure to make the perfect swings, and it’s only possible if you time your taps well so that the amount of power you put into a shot will have some level of impact. Don’t go for a powerful shot but optimum shots instead. You can learn these by engaging yourself in a learning guide or actual practice. Make sure to make adjustments depending on scenarios, like winds are one of the unpredictable factors here which may affect your gameplay.

Tip 3: Play Different Modes and Missions in Golf Star

After learning the overall basics and building confidence in golf, you can try playing single or multiplayer modes. Progression will only begin if you play in campaign modes or missions and engage in occasional tournaments. These game modes will consume your stamina but reward you with coins and exp. The campaign mode gets difficult as you get further, so if you get stuck, then keep trying and sharpen your skills for the level. You will get five missions every week to complete. I would highly recommend that beginners start with the campaign mode.

Tip 4: Strategize Your Golfer’s Build

Strategizing your golfer is one of the critical parts. Apart from equipment and dressing up, there are many things that you can do to improve the overall gameplay. After reaching level 10, you will be able to earn skill points, and you can use them to enhance your skills. Upgrade and increase your stats from time to time. Later on, you will see the changes in-game as well. Lastly, don’t forget to Use In-game Items if you keep failing a particular mission or level. Take your time to learn and achieve the objectives.

Golf Star beginners guide

That’s all the tips and tricks I think a beginner would need to get started; Golf Star is available on Google Play and App Store. Check another sports game: Retro Bowl. Also, share your thoughts through the comments section below.

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