Happy Summer Walkthrough

Are you looking for Happy Summer Walkthrough? Well, your wait is over. In this article we are going to give you Happy Summer Walkthrough. This game guide will help you progress in the game. Also using this game guide you can unravel all the secret levels, items, rewards and more.

Happy Summer Walkthrough – Rosie

1st Level – Rosie

  1. 2nd part of the morning: Rosie’s room > table:  find a statuette
  2. 1st part of daytime: Talk with Rosie when she uses her laptop > ask her about the statuette.
  3. Ask about gym when she uses her laptop.
  4. PC  >.Buy her new sportswear
  5. 2nd part of the next morning: sportswear from the postman (Ramazi).
  6. 1st part of daytime: Rosie’s room > give her the sportswear.
  7. daytime: your room > sports bag > gym event
  8. 2nd part of the morning:bathroom when she is inside
  9. Reach 100%: Watch tv with her, go to the gym, or also meet her when she watering.
  10. Level up event  (night time)

2nd Level – Rosie

  1. Wait 2 days > Lucy will come > Rosie’s room when she is inside (1st part of daytime)
  2. PC > find the book.
  3. Library > talk with Mika about the book.
  4. Give the book to Rosie when she’s using the laptop.
  5. 2nd part of the morning: Bathroom when she is inside
  6. Talk with her about guys when she’s using her laptop.
  7. 1st floor corridor > Meet her when she’s watering plants
  8. Reach 100%: watch tv, go to the gym, or also talk to her when she’s watering the plants.
  9. Level up event (go to sleep)

3rd Level – Rosie

  1. 1st part of daytime:  her room > talk to her.
  2. Ask her about the swimsuit.
  3. Next day’s morning: event.
  4. Talk to Rosie > beach: complete the event.
  5. 2nd part of the evening: next event
  6. Shower: Talk to Rosie when she is inside
  7. Toilet: Talk to Rosie when she is inside
  8. Go with her in to the gym.
  9. Reach 100%:
  10. Level up event (daytime)

4th Level – Rosie

  1. Help her with cleaning.
  2. Next day morning: Sick event
  3. Sleep 1 day to the next event with Lucy.
  4. Rosie’s room > take her pantis
  5. kitchen when Lucy is cooking > talk to her
  6. Next day: talk with Rosie & Lucy.
  7. Put her pantis back (her room)
  8. Evening > corridor 2nd floor > listen them
  9. Next day morning: event

Happy Summer Walkthrough – Lucy

1st Level – Lucy

  1. Requires: Rosie level 2, then wait until Lucy comes
  2. 1st part of daytime:  talk to Lucy > help her  (search for a job)
  3. Office > look for a job
  4. Tell her once you find a job
  5. Talk to Lucy (interview)
  6. Next day: talk with Lucy (cafe).
  7. Reach 100%: watch tv, cook with her, meet her at work or also play cards.
  8. Level up event (night time)

2nd Level – Lucy

  1. Cafe when Lucy is working >  ask her “May be take a walk tomorrow?”.
  2. Next day daytime: Lucy’s room > park event.
  3. Reach 100%: watch tv, play cards, or also say her that she looking good when she on job
  4. Level up event (daytime)

3rd Level – Lucy

  1. Park after Lucy’s work > talk with her.
  2. Shower at morning > Peep
  3. Cafe when she works > help her with cleaning.
  4. To progress with Lucy, level up Rosie to level 4
  5. Next day morning: sick event
  6. Sleep 1 day to the next event with Lucy.
  7. Rosie’s room > take her panties.
  8. Kitchen when Lucy is cooking and talk with her
  9. Next day talk with Rosie & Lucy.
  10. Talk with Lucy > toilet event

Happy Summer Walkthrough – Mika

1st Level – Mika

  1. Library > Talk with Mika
  2. Wait 1 day, she will come to Rosie
  3. Library: Talk with Mika > About comming to Rosie
  4. Next day evening > downstairs > meet Mika.
  5. Library Evening: Talk with her
  6. Daytime: Find her when she walk near cafe (Lucy must be working there).
  7. Cafe: Talk with Mary
  8. Wait 1 day and Talk again with Mary (cafe), also take books.
  9. Library: Give books to Mika.
  10. Library evening: Talk with Mika (dog problems)
  11. Give her 2500$ (Library), but don’t forget to have money for the rent
  12. Wait 2 days > she will message you (morning)
  13. Talk with her in the Library
  14. Hotel > meet Mika (appartments)


Well, now that you have the Happy Summer Walkthrough, use it to complete the game. We will keep updating this walkthrough guide as the game progresses. If you need walkthrough and guide for any other game, let me know in the comment section.

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