1 Movement

To embrace the game in the best possible way is to always be a step ahead of the monsters. Make them confused by your movement. Do not stand still to fight with them always keep moving and let them chase you so that when the perfect time comes make your best move and catch them off guard. You are required to keep pushing your muscle memory and make your movement as perfect as you can and enjoy the gamble but, don’t over-commit your movement. Sometimes what looks easy may make you commit silly mistakes and lose your life and everything you achieved until now will all go in vain.

2 Cover Fire

Defense is another form of attack when used with proper strategy and in this arena, you are all alone against monsters. You don’t get any plan B here you are all on yourself and need to be saved for the future to keep pushing the invaders out of your world. Some of the times you will find an easy target but there will be times when intangible monsters will be on the way and at that time your best move can be to take cover then give damage and repeat the process until you are good to go solo. You need to make every possible thing as a cover to initiate the fight and when it’s climax time just go BOOM!

3 Ability Selection

You won’t get a chance to make choice and then turn it into a perfect choice. Most of the times things don’t go like that so always think deeply and make the perfect choice out of the given abilities you get simultaneously. During the fight, you will get three choices of abilities to use and you need to select one to proceed and make the most of it in the further fights. Out of the abilities few most frequently used and recommended abilities are HP Boost, Attack Boost, Piercing Shot and Attack Speed Boost. Every ability has its properties so it is up to you and your situation to select a best suited ability.

4 Hard Target First

Flexing your skills and energy to an inferior may create a mess because when the time comes to prove yourself in front of a superior you will not be 100 percent of what you are capable of. In the game, you need to bifurcate the inferior ones and superior ones so that you can give your best shot to the superior ones and reduce the damage taken by you like all of them are here to give you damage. The moment your HP comes to end it’s GAME OVER. So first reduce all the hard targets by using all your skills and strategies to dodge their attack and eliminate them one by one. Eliminating a hard target will give you more coins and HP points too and makes a higher probability for the win.

5 Skill

When things go hard, we turn ourselves towards the almighty God and pray for strength to overcome the situation. Imagine what wonders you can do when you are the God yourself. You can activate your God Mode when your skill meter is full. The more you collect coins the more you proceed ahead the meter gains the power and you can activate it with a single click. Always look over the enemy’s count and make the best use of it. The firework you get in this mode is a pleasure to witness and no matter how many of the monsters come all of them will be going through hell.

Try these tips and give us your valuable feedbacks. Your new tips or suggestions are most welcome.

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