Idle Goddess Gift Codes

Idle Goddess Gift Codes are your pass to earn free items and stuff in the game. When you redeem these codes you get star hero, exp, gold, diamonds and more stuff.

Let us have a look at all the codes as of now available in the game. Just below the codes, you will find the process to redeem the codes.

Idle Goddess Gift Codes 2021

These are the codes that have been released by the game developers so far. We have categorized codes into 2 parts. All the working codes are under “working codes” heading. Outdated codes are under “expired codes” heading.

Codes (working)

  1. IG2021:Redeem this code and get the reward
  2. IdleGoddess : Redeem this code and get x50k EXP, x10 Common Summon Coupon, x50k Gold
  3. vip666 : Redeem this code and get x100k Gold
  4. vip777 : Redeem this code and get x100k Hero EXP
  5. vip888 : Redeem this code and get x10 Common Summon Coupon, x30k Gold, x30k Hero EXP, x200 Diamonds
  6. vip999 : Redeem this code and get x1 5 Star Hero

Codes (expired)


How To Redeem Idle Goddess Gift Codes?

Redeeming codes for rewards is not that hard. Just follow the below-given set of instructions to redeem the codes to get rewards.

Step 1: Head to the game on your console. Find and tap the player avatar located on top left of your screen.

Step 2: Find the “Inventory Button” and click it.

Idle Goddess Gift Codes

Step 3: In the menu tap the settings button.

Step 4: Now find and click the Giftcode Exchange button.

Step 5: Copy the code from the above list and paste it in the box. Now just click the redeem button to get your rewards.

To Sum Up

I am sure that you will get your free stuff by applying the above codes. However, the codes tend to expire after some. We make sure to update the codes at regular intervals of time. If you find a new code or an expired one, comment below. We will verify and update the code list.

For more content and updates, you can visit the official Facebook page.

Game Description
 Though burned into ashes, the evil  dragon kept corroding the Dreamland of Goddesses. Devil Maiden Lillian  took the chance to awake powerful evil Element Spirits and tried to  bring destruction to this wonderful homeland! At this very moment,  Priestess Sakuno used up all her power to send the distress signals to  the brave warriors across the Rift of Space and Time. To avoid humans  being devoured by the nightmare, for the peace of this beautiful  homeland, and the better future of Ania Continent, Warriors, heed the  call, come open the portal and save the Ania Continent alongside with  the Goddesses! Let’s bring light back to the world!
※Game Features※
◆Lovely Art Style
From  the battlefield background to the dazzling skill effects, the game is  presented in an adorable Japanese cartoon art style. Cute and lovely,  get rid of anything unhappy!
◆Balanced Attribute Restraints
Each  Element Invoker has a unique attribute. What will happen if you create a  lineup with different attribute combinations? It must be very  interesting! Now let’s start creating your own Goddess lineup!
◆Easy AFK Battles To Free Your Hands
Even  if you are not online, the lovely Goddesses will still try their best  to fight against the evil forces. And the resource production will never  stop. You can still get abundant rewards while offline!
◆Try Your Luck! Guarantees 5-Star Goddess From 10x Summons
Whether  it’s a server launch event or daily activities, you’ll always get  guaranteed 5-Star Goddess from 10x Summons! And this promise won’t break  until the world end! Everyone will always be lucky!
◆Relaxing Café
Tired?  Come to the Café to check out what’s new! There are maids waiting for  your orders, and young girl deskmates with prepared gifts for you! Get  Diamonds, Summon Coupons, and even Wishing Tokens! Get 10x Summons  easily without paying!

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